How did the knights in the armor go to the toilet?

"I want to answer that with difficulty, but in fact everything is simple enough. There were several types of armor: for the tournament and for war. For tournaments, as a rule, the armor was much greater and heavier, but in time the competition lasted much less than a military campaign. It is still worth taking into account that the knight is most often equal warrior. He has a part of the body that comes into contact with the saddle, was not covered with the metal (although it was sometimes used whole parts, covering buttocks, on hinges). Full-fledged pants in those distant times in Europe did not exist. Men wore long stockings and highways, which usually reached the top of the thigh and were mounted on the sides of the shoelaces to the belt, missed through the top (Kulisk) of men’s pants (BD), which were part of the underwear. Therefore, to completely shoot the armor in minutes of acute necessity, there was no need – it was enough to let BD.

Gulfik was used in front for the convenience of sending natural needs. The first gulfiki was made of a piece of tissue type of a triangular handker, which was attached to the stockings and BD. He looked like a peculiar pocket or bag. Over time, Gulfik turned into an important and at the same time fashionable element of armor, it is also "Odel" In the reservation: the invoice triangle (less often a rectangle), which fastened to the belt or healing of an infant, was skipped between the legs and was attached to the belt behind or the back of the back. Specialists in Middle Ages suggest that on the battlefield, Armored Gulfik was as defensive, that is, he served to protect the genitals and the accusable accessory to the accessory, which demonstrated "Male power" knight (sometimes gulfik reached unreal than large sizes).

In the famous satirical work of Francois Rabl, one of the characters says that men’s genitals need to protect the same reliable ("Belles et Fortes Braguettes Naturelleles") What nature supplied seeds and nuts.

How did the knights in the armor go to the toilet

And in conclusion – on the merits of this issue. Of course, you should not forget about the whole crowd of the squire and servant, who readily helped her Mr. in moments "knight" Weakness.

By the way, "Modern knights" Before putting on armor, be sure to visit the restroom. Just in case".

How did the knights in the armor go to the toilet

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