How did life appeared on Pitcairne

In 1787, the British frigate "Bounty" Under the start of William, Blanie went to Tahiti for grainbread seeds. Sailors spent on the island for several months, managed to acquire families and did not want to leave, but the captain insisted. Then April 28, 1789, the crew led by Christian Fletcher – Assistant Captain – raised the rebellion. The rebels put the captain and another 17 team members in Barcas, on which Bly and his people, having done a way to 6436 km long, reached India and returned to England in 1790.

The rebels headed by Fletcher again went down. Fletcher, eight sailors, ten natives from Tahiti and tubue and twelve taititis arrived to Pitcairn Island, located away from the sea routes. There they were unloaded "Bounty", removed all the tackle and burned the ship. When the American vessel, just one English sailor, who led the community from 10 women and 23 children remained to the island of twenty years later.

How did life appeared on Pitcairne

Today’s population of Pitcairn – 47 people, area – 5 square kilometers. It is halfway between New Zealand and Panama, 2160 km from Tahiti. In addition to two British food ships and construction materials in the year past three passenger vessels pass. But only the most brave travelers are decided to sail on the barcases to the island.

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