How delicious steak in Argentina. Buenos Aires

In the morning ate a hot breakfast. The road went through the Atlantic coast and presented a lot of beautiful ocean species. Somewhere halfway, came out at the bus stop. Our bus loaded a colorful girl with Bolivian roots, under her arm she had a thermos with boiling water, and in the hand of Calabas with Mate. We talked, in a sign of good location, she treated me mete and left her mail just in case.

After lunch, arriving at the huge bus station Buenos Aires, caught a taxi and drove to the booked hostel, he was near the widest street of the world at the intersection with local Broadway. Hostel was a multi-storey, clean and comfortable. Brought things to the room, took a shower and went for a walk in search of a place for dinner.
I went to the restaurant, where it was full of full visitors. Ordered the famous Argentine Stake Medium Frozen, Salad and a glass of Red Argentinean. While waited, examined people. Multilingual humus filled space mixing with background music and football mat on plasma. In the Spanish speech in abundance, appeared sh and w. Food flavors excited imagination.
Finally, salad and almost immediately steak. I cut off a piece and I urnoy heaven, what a delicious meat. Stretching pleasure, cutting slices smaller. The wine is ideal for a steak, causing me to put up and even finding a charming tight tartness with fruit hints, in which the acids is lost, so morally in dry wines. Salad also above all praise. I ask the cup of coffee, and in the excellent location of the Spirit I go out to the street.
In a sweater, a little cool, I put on top of the windbreaker. I like winter in Buenos Aires. Mindlessly go where it fell, keeping inside the feeling of the location of the hostel. Having lost in the alleys, as a result, I go out on a wide street with 9 rows of cars in each direction, I go to the high obelisk,

I turn to my street and after a couple of minutes I find my hostel. I decide that you need to gain strength, and I go to the room. There I get acquainted with the neighbor named David. He’s from Colombia, I came to Bayres three days ago at a conference of pediatricians, ahead of two days off. We agreed tomorrow to walk together in the center.

What winds blow in Buenos Aires. 7.08.eleven
In the morning, David with David together at the hostel, chatted with other travelers who were sitting with us at a long table. Took backpacks and went for a walk. The weather was sunny, warm, degrees twenty. Duli good winds, as it should be in this city (. BUENOS AIRES – Good wind). We walked along a wide streets, admiring beautiful high buildings.
In the Bayros house built close to each other, and the styles and epochs can be very different from each other. Migrants from different countries erected beautiful buildings that resembled them about the house, so in the city you often catch yourself thinking that you are now in Paris, Rome, New York, Moscow, Amsterdam … I also struck the numbering. Since the city was originally planned, the streets here intersect at right angles, and the magnitude of each quarter is 100 per 100 meters. Numbers here are not at home, but the entrances, and the figure means the number of meters from the beginning of the quarter on a specific street.
Held the way to the central square of Plaza de Mayo (Plaza de Mayo), which began building Buenos Aires. On the square there were a lot of walking, tourists were loaded into a red excursion bus. We tried to translate the motto from Latin at the Cathedral, illuminated at any time by the flame of gas burners. In the center of the Square, the monument with fresh protest graffiti met Devid’s colleagues from Ecuador, who came to the same conference, two smiling girls.

In the pink presidential palace (Casa Rosada), photographed with the guardsmen in blue shape with red galuns, white dressings, cylindrical hats with coat of arms, high boots, with swords. We looked at the portraits of the presidents of Argentina and other famous Latin Americans.

They went outside, still admired the views of the main square, fountains, statues surrounding buildings. Stood at the entrance to the subway, which in Argentina has already since since 1913 and is called Subte, but decided to walk, the weather favor. We went on one of the pedestrian streets, a crucible stone filled with sellers of souvenirs, antiques. David was delighted with a girl with a poster "Colombian coffee" and immediately bought two cups of fragrant stiff drink, which we drank, savoring under the approving looks of coffee girls.
I loved. The buildings were good, at the intersections there were small squares with churches, monuments, parks, spontaneously filled with artists, musicians, tango dancers.

We stood at the collapse with Calabas for Mate, then traditional stoves in miniature, which could be used as candlesticks. David bought a couple as a gift. Then they moved to the press and literature, I felt at the souvenir shoes for tango.

Page on live statues, observed for the skillful work of the Master of Jewelry. Music was heard from everywhere, eating flavors came. Purchased on the market located inside one of the buildings. Square found a flea market.

Elderly Cute Citizens Separated the contents of chests. Coloringly looked vintage dresses, cameras, siphons from multicolored glass, collections of tin soldiers, brands, cards, books ..

Nearby surrounded by remove speakers on a sheet of plywood 1.5 per 1.5 meters passionately danced Tango stylishly dressed man and woman 60 years old. It was impossible to break away from their conversation about love. Nearby people went to decorated with flowers and garlands Cathedral on the festive mass.

In front of the entrance they smoked 8 musicians, giving rest tools. They were not too lazy to bring piano, double bass and more compact tools. We went inside, stood 15 minutes, listening to the connection of votes and music.
Got out of the crowd to a closer street, they pucked up on the sun not busy employees of the fire depot against the background of the Red Machine. Somewhere on the way overtook the funeral procession, accompanied by black and white musicians with copper instruments. Under some bridge, there was a broken rust brave UAZ. Surprised by the Orthodox Church, we went inside, got into service, I listened to my native speech.
Sat on the street stadium, deciding where to go on. There was a suitable time for lunch. We stumbled down the street in search of a restaurant, and found a suitable. Its owners were definitely large football fans, like all the Argentines, however. The location was popular. The walls of the restaurant were decorated with T-shirts of different football teams, was even with the inscription "USSR", the shelves filled the cups, balls with autographs, boots and other significant football attributes.

How delicious steak in Argentina. Buenos Aires

We found a table, of course, ordered steak, wanted roasted potatoes and fresh vegetable salad. The restaurant was a huge selection of beer, I decided to try the local and did not lose. Steak burned to heaven. Satisfied with life we ​​went outside,

Passed by the funny poster The Beats and soon came to a wide avenue on July 9 (Avenida Nueve de Julio).

You could drive a few bus stops, but we went in the middle on foot. On the ventilation miner, a shabby man sunbathe, putting his head on a backpack and smiling blissfully. Curious bas-reliefs came across modern high-rise buildings. Away loosely Obelisk. The building was becoming denser and exquisite, and the middle of the boulevard dressed up in the asphalt and flowerbeds, shelled in the shadow of the tall trees.

We reached the iron don Quixote on a horse popping out of white stone and a sword. Near the Lima Metro Station

Curled to the street leading to the Congress Square. Buildings pleased with the sophistication. Photographed with Roven thinker (author created this copy). We obsessed the training of ushuists and parents with wheelchairs, feeding pigeons.

Separated on a magnificent fountain and the Congress Building itself. David went to the hostel, referring to fatigue.

How delicious steak in Argentina. Buenos Aires

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