How cuckoo throw eggs?

Let’s start with the fact that the cucks have races – their eggs depending on which bird they mimic, have a certain color. Ornithological parasite is watching the victim for many hours to establish where the nest is hidden. But here’s the home found. In order for the nest freed from its previous "owners", the cuckoo male imitates the behavior of the bird of prey and begins to disturb the couple, forcing them off the nest. When both parents fly out, the cuckoo evaluates the situation and either throws one egg and lowers his own way, or if the masonry is already well equipped, throws all the eggs so that the parents began to start everything and she had a chance to postpone the egg on time. Raid lasts no more than 15 seconds! The task to demolish the egg so that the chick hatch first. And sometimes in one nest turn out to have eggs of two or more cucks.

Daria Bragin, ornithologist: "Sometimes a couple comes back to its place, sometimes no, so not every cuckoo fiddle survives, like the masonry itself. And if the couple was still not afraid and insisted on her, that is, did not leave the nest, then the pair of cuckoo has to look for new receptions for his offspring."

How cuckoo throw eggs

In addition, the victims of parasites are also not flashed. There are birds whose chicks at birth immediately make certain sounds. Silent crushes (they first need to hear other chicks, and then imitate their squeak), which are born first, they calculate and throw out of the nest.

How cuckoo throw eggs

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