How cheaper to fly to Argentina?

In this letter I will try to tell all tips on air tickets to Argentina.
Some tips will be useful to you not only for Argentina.The easiest and fastest way to get to Argentina is to buy a ticket from Moscow to Buenos Aires with one transplant in Europe. The average price has recently – it is 55-60 thousand rubles there – back. If you see prices more expensive – you need to check the neighboring dates.

Flights to Argentina

But in the case of Buenos Aires, it does not always help, so check the neighboring dates.And sooner or later you will succeed in finding tickets for 55-60 thousand. 55-60 thousand – this is if you need to buy a ticket urgently.
But, as a rule, a trip to Patagonia is not the most urgent matter. Therefore, you need to be patient here. Several major European airlines fly from Europe to Buenos Aires.

  • Flight tickets

And they often spend sales. Therefore, sometimes you can buy the same tickets with a substantial discount.
But for this you will need to check the current prices for 1-2 months a week. In the search engine also issued prices with transfers over the United States. Sometimes such tickets are even cheaper than others. But you need to remember that when transplanting to the United States, even if you are not going to leave the airport, you need a standard American visa.
Without it, you just do not go to the flight.

  • Flights with a transfer to London

If you see flights with a transfer to London (United Kingdom), then there are also difficulties. If, after the UK, the next transplant to the United States, you can make such a transplant without an additional visa to the UK.
But if the next flight to the countries of Europe or immediately to South America, then the British visa is needed here.
Again, even if you are not going to leave the airport. If you found a 1-transfer ticket in Europe, then the Schengen visa is not needed, if not going to leave the airport.

Transplant in Europe

  • Features of European airports
  • How cheaper to fly to Argentina

But here there is a nuance: some airports in Europe closes overnight. Therefore, if the transplant is night, you need to check whether the transit zone works at night or not. If not working, you need a Schengen visa. If in Europe 2 transplants, then in 100% cases you need a Schengen visa. Turkish Airlines has direct flights from Istanbul – Buenos Aires. This means that tickets can be found from all cities in Russia, where Turkish flies.
And at the moment it is already 32 cities of Russia! Therefore, from the regions you can comfortably fly to Buenos Aires with only 1 transplant in Istanbul. (Do not attempt to buy direct flight Istanbul &# 8211; Buenos Aires separately,
By the strange policy of the airline, he is very expensive).

  • Schengen visa-big plus

If there is a Schengen visa, or it is not too lazy to get, then you can try to search
Flights to Argentina from Europe cities. From many cities in Europe tickets are cheaper by 10-20 thousand rubles,
than from Moscow. Also for European cities discounts on tickets are more often.

LEVEL-LOOROSTE airline from Europe to Buenos Aires

All items described above can be enabled on flights to Brazil – Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo cities.
They will often be cheaper than in Buenos Aires.I know even a loauser who flies from Europe to Buenos Aires.
This is LEVEL airline. They perform direct flights from Barcelona to Buenos Aires. Minimum price – 269 euros one way. But in the high season, from November to March, I have not seen such prices. Therefore, on average, it is 1000 euros there, back, which is more expensive than from Moscow. But it is worth checking. Suddenly, stumble upon the minimum rate. Especially if you buy air tickets strongly in advance.

If you need only Patagonia, you can search for tickets from Moscow at once to the cities of Patagonia – Ushuaia, Calafat, Punta Arenas. You can find a difficult search to fly into one city, and fly away from another. So it will be more expensive than before Buenos Aires, but in some cases it will be more profitable in sum, and then buying flights from Buenos Aires to Patagonia.

Let’s sum up

Thus, in Argentina, it is not expensive to fly than 55-60 thousand rubles there.
But if you wait for the sale or find cheap flights from Europe, you can at 10-30 thousand rubles cheaper.

On the one hand, it is expensive, but here’s another thought:

To compare 2-week journey in Europe with 2 weeks old travel on Argentina,
then the trip to Argentina will be more profitable! This is if counting and folded all the costs – and air tickets, accommodation, and food, and transport. T.To. Argentina is much cheaper. There are few people think about it, and therefore millions of our travelers go to Europe, and in the countries of South America – only thousands.

Do not limit yourself in anything!
Travel to where you want.

And if you want to see an incredible patagonia with your own eyes,
then the best way to prepare for traveling there than on the video ord of Vladislav Tychkov, I do not know.

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