How cheap to get to about.Crete (Greece) and to its main attractions

Many are interested in those places where I recently traveled &# 8212; This island West Crete (Greece).

Laguna Balos (Western Crete)

I will tell you how it is cheaper to fly to the city of Hania (Western Crete) from Russia (Moscow) For a week.

I will also tell you why for summer holiday it would be nice to choose this town and the island in Greece;)

Cheap flights to Crete Island

Ready route to Western Crete from Russia

First you need to get to g. Riga by bus from Moscow or DR. Cities.

There are several bus companies that will take you there from 1.200 rubles. Up to 2.000 USD One way, for example, company Ecolines.

On this comfortable bus you can reach Riga from Moscow for no more than 2.000 USD

Then, acquire air tickets on August 16 at the airline Ryanair website from Riga to Oslo, and from Oslo after 2 hours in Hania.

Also possible from g. Tallinn the same way to do, instead of g. Riga, if he is closer to you.

Tickets from Riga to Oslo and back

The same and with tickets back. From Crete (Hania) in Oslo. From Oslo to Riga.

Tickets from G. Oslo to Crete and back

As a result, the price of air tickets was 127.89 euros (9.230 rubles.) in both ends. Plus the bus cost us from Moscow to Riga and back to 3.200 rubles .

In total for 9.200 rubles. This is where you can fly from Moscow to Hania (about.Crete) and back. Whereas on search services, like Aviasales tickets will cost 19.000 USD round trip.

Popular search engine Aviasales did not find anything better than 19.000 rub for the whole of August.

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Only for readers with a discount 🙂

So, we go on!

On arrival at Hanya Airport

We drove on such a bus from the airport to. Hania:

When we arrive at the airport of Hanya (Chania) about. Crete, you can get to the city by a bus that walks from there for 2.3 euros every hour &# 8212; one and a half.

Also, it is possible to order an inexpensive transfer from the airport to the city or back through Kiwitaxi.

What to do in this city of Hania?

At first, This city is considered one of the most beautiful is the island of Crete.

Strecks in the old part of the city of Hania

Secondly, He is Venetian, as if it stands on the water and in the harbor of the city of Chania, there is one of the oldest lighthouses of the world, where you personally can pass.

Window in the sea in Hania

Thirdly, It is in the city of Hania that are large shops, markets and supermarkets in which any purchases can be done.

Bakery and confectionery g. Hania

Fourth, In Hani, luxurious multi-kilometer beaches, many of which are perfectly suitable for resting with children (small sand and lack of waves).

Fifth, In Hania there is an old town, considered the most beautiful in the whole island Crete.

Embankment of Hania and part of the old city. These ruins buildings are very many years

Only miracle the historical part of. Hania survived during the bombing of the Second World War.

There are horses in Hani

Probably her beauty is so much a description that the military did not dare to athee! 🙂

I’m in the old town

There is still a Turkish lighthouse in Hania, a cathedral, a botanical garden, in which it is very nice to relax in the shadow of orange trees.

Lemons literally lying under their feet.

Elderly couple enjoys magnificent hania

In general, rest in Hani is a little journey to Paradise, which, on returning home, will seem like a magical sleep.

Order cheap transfer &# 8212; Taxi on sharp crit

The best sights of Western Crete.

Main attractions &# 8212; This is certainly the best beaches of Europe, which are located close enough.Hania.

1) Laguna Balos.

View of the lagoon Balos

This place is considered the most beautiful on everything about.Crete and here hurry to get our tourists and locals from all over Crete. However, this is not so easy.

Two ways to Lagoon Balos, who are known to me:

1) Alone to drive by car, or on another transport to this place. The road is very and very bad and extended (10 km). I recommend if you choose such a way, then go only with large-sized car tire sizes, like a jeep, kamaz.

Of course you can get there and on a motorcycle, but it is extremely uncomfortable, but real;)

Despite the bad road, landscapes on the way to the lagoon fascinate and delight

The road is very bad &# 8212; primer, sorry I can not show the quality of the road to the lagoon, t.To. Probably with photos and videos not pass.

For entry to it, besides, you will take 1-2 euros per person.

On the way to the lagoon, you can meet the mountain goats, Sokolov, and others.Animals

2) On ferry, boat, ship. If you are heading on the way to the Balos Lagoon, it is impossible not to notice the bay with ships, liners from the movie, fairly dimensional.

Liner &# 171; gramvousa&# 187; which makes the stop at the Cape Grams on the way to the lagoon

So, I recommend this way this way to take advantage of getting to the lagoon, because it is more comfortable.

The ticket to the ferry will cost you 25 euros, come better in the morning (by 8-10 hours). Perhaps on the way to the lagoon, Dolphins are met 🙂

When, finally, you can watch Laguan Balos, you will not believe your eyes that it is real and a few hours of remoteness, in such a celestial place will remain in your memory forever.

For no accident, Prince Charles and Lady Diana chose this place to hold their honeymoon.

Three seas merge Balos in Lagoon: Cretoe, Libyan and Ionian. They are very calm, without waves, most places are warm, ideal for both children and for those who do not like deep seats.

Transparent sea in lagoon

In some places you can notice the pinkish color of the sand is due to millions of seashells crushed water.

How cheap to get to (Greece) and to its main attractions

Pink sand in Balos

Of course, behind the cliffs and limits of the lagoon water is deeper and cold, ideal for diving, snorkeling.

The lagoon and its areas, with rare varieties of flora and fauna, are protected according to the Natura 2000 program.

Car rental on Crete Island

Pink Sands, Beach Elafonisi.

Beach called Elafonisi to get much easier than Balos Lagoon.

On the way to elafonisi there will be notation.

Here even walk buses for 20 euros from g. Hania or you can order an excursion for 55 euros with refund back.

What roads in Crete, gasoline prices and driving rules on the island

Roads on Crete are good enough, but there are no police on the streets.

Example of a good road in Crete

They will appear, according to local, immediately, as you violate the right, because the camcorders and devices that fix the speed and all disorders are installed on many roads.

Pay for violations. For example, for travel on the red light, you will have to give from 1.000 &# 8212; 2.000 Euro!

Road to the airport in g. Hania

Therefore, try to ride the installed signs: speed, overtaking, stripes on the road, where you do not need not to overtake! Gasoline in Crete compared to the our dear.

For 1 liter of gasoline you will need to pay 1.7 euros .

So, the beach elafonisi..

Pink sands, emerald beaches, framing the shores of the island of elafonisi &# 8212; Incredible natural phenomenon.

My legs and emerald water in elafonisi

Here Ideally learn kaitsurfing, because the wind is strong enough, the depth is completely small in water and beautiful Greeks-instructors themselves professionals! 🙂

With children here you just wonderfully, you do not need to follow every second, so that they do not go far into the sea, calmly enjoy the rest.

Pink sand will be visible not only at the surface, but even if you dive under the water, you can see it at a depth.

According to reviews, many tourists complain about a large number of people and that because of this, rest on elafonisi is spoiled.

I think it’s not at all..We were in June on elafonisi, in the afternoon from 14-18 hours.

There are tourists and will be everywhere, especially our

The abundance of tourists did not interfere with us to enjoy the rest and swim in these places, because there will be a pacifying environment around you, magical places.

I bathe in elafonisi

If you pay for the beauty of natural places, swim, then everything else will only delight you, because the nature here is incredibly clean and beautiful.

The only minus that I felt on Elafonisi is the Cold Sea.

Stas and cool elafonisi 🙂

That’s why, If your journey is in the period before July, I would recommend to choose a warmer swimming place. Them around a big set and take warm big towels with you.

After June, the sea on elafonisi warms up and you will not freeze, as we 🙂

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