How cape does not fall?

"Once a student came to rabbi and asks:
– Rebbe, where it says in the Tore, what should be worn by kip? I studied everything, I did not find anything.
What rabbi answers:
– how not found? This is stated on each page. Here, for example: ". And went to Abraham ". As you just might think that Abraham came out of the house with a uncoated head?!"

Indeed, no torus nor the Talmud contain direct instructions on the fact that men need to cover their head. Only in the book of Shmot there is a prescription of Cohen (the estate of clergy in Judaism. – approx. Red.) wear a headdress during service. But today the Jew in a pile is a realization. Most likely, men began to cover their heads, taking an example from clergy. In respect of God. (The fact that the Jewish people carefully refers to their history and rituals – our photo project.)

How cape does not fall

Wearing Upora is not obligatory, but the person religious covers his head and on the street, and in the house. And this makes representatives of both sexes, only different methods. Married women wear primarily hats and scarves. Men from childhood put on hats, berets, but most prefers to kip, because in her head sweats less. And this is in the subtropical climate of Israel, when the air heats up to 30-40 ° C in summer, it is important.

There is information that Kipa appeared at the turn of the I century to N. NS. and i century n. NS. Mostly Jews wear black kip, and white worn on holidays. But the manifold is striking: knitted, silk, velvet, embroidered, white, black, color. As they say, for every taste!

How cape does not fall

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