How and why stay on permanent residence in Kuala Lumpur?

Where can this be implemented? Let’s pay attention to completely unprecedented (at first glance) Malaysian country. Maybe not everyone can specify this country on the map or remember the famous Petronas towers.

But Malaysia with the capital in Kuala Lumpur is currently the most harmoniously developing country in the ratio of price-quality in Southeast Asia.

So why do you need permanent residence? There are several reasons: In order for you to swim every day in the pool and go to the sauna in your own home, yearly enjoy the temperature of 27-30 degrees of heat so that you can easily fly through the entire South-Eastern Asia, so that for dinner you had an endless selection of restaurants from Japanese Kitchen to Arabic so that English becomes your family and that the Chinese and Hindus have become for you in relatives and loved ones.

But let’s start with bad news: permanently you never get. However, you can stay here to live for 5 years and more on various visas. Consider options.

1. You can find a partner for family bonds, but you have to accept Islam, wear Chadra and pray for 5 times on Friday. But if you suddenly decide, without waiting for two years that you are all tired, unfortunately, you will be deprived of Malaysian citizenship.

But in truth, Islam we are confess only Malays. So you can completely cool bets on the pretty Hindus and the Chinese of Malaysian origin, the love of which is not due to the adoption of any religion. And how the law says, will have to abandon our citizenship for rice and palm trees, because Malaysia prohibits to have two citizenship.

2. That option that almost all Europeans in Malaysia use. Just take a ticket one way, go to the site jobstreet.COM and find a job. As practice shows, with an active life position work can be found in 2-3 weeks. Here is a catastrophic lack of doctors, programmers, engineers. There are great demand for these specialties, in the presence of this education, probably you will be able to meet in one week. In addition, there are some conventions for the immigration police, you must have experience of at least three years and age at least 27 years. In fact, and 23-year-olds found a job here and received long-awaited working visas. One-way ticket bonus is that right inside Malaysia you can legally get a working visa, and there is no need to travel from the country and draw up this in the embassy, ​​such as in Europe.

3. The following option is suitable for rich, or for smart. You can open your company, where the authorized capital must be at least 35 million. Ringgit (8 million. Dollars), and consider the total fees for registration of the company 1400 Ringgit (330 dollars). Special bonus get IT businesses, this is an option for smart. Malaysia Super Corridor – WWW.mscmalaysia.My – a program for a lightweight startup of IT companies, which are exempt from taxes in the first few years, I can only have foreigners in the state. For example, you and all your classmates 🙂 For all employees, the procedure for registration of working visas will be simplified.

4. If you are still young and full of enthusiasm for study, you can go to Malaysia and to receive higher education. The first impression of this proposal may be shocking, but we will open the secret to you. The fact is that Malaysia has branches of foreign universities: British University Of Nottingham, Australian Monash University or Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with the main campus in Malaysia, but with branches in Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Swaziland and England. The learning bonus here is that for education you pay two times less than in the main campus, save on accommodation, but get the certificate of the original university and arrange to work in a Pentagon or the UN with your top diplomas. But, unfortunately, guys, before admission, you will have to pass IELTS.

5. If you are still as long as young and you have absolutely no enthusiasm for study, it does not matter. If you have a five- or a six-year-old child who has enthusiasm to learn definitely more than you, use a child. You can easily move to Malaysia under the pretext of learning at the school of your child. Normally guardianship visa for parents to draw up English schools, which are quite expensive, but the child’s visa is working for you. Here are a few examples of schools: Alice Smith International School, Australian International School, British School, Garden International School and other. Invest in children!

How and why stay on permanent residence in Kuala Lumpur

5. The previous two versions were for the young and energetic, and it is suitable for people already taken place and want to settle down. Malaysia is convenient because funds are available, it is possible to live permanently. The Government has set up a special program for foreigners "Malaysia My Second Home".

Let’s break those wishing to emigrate into two age groups: up to 50 years and after 50 years. The first group you on the map must be fireproof amount of 500,000 ringgit for 3 months and regular admission to the card in the amount of 10 000 ringgit per month. Second group: fireproof sum of 350,000 ringgit and receipts monthly card also 10 000 ringgit per month. What is the bonus program? You are granted a visa for 10 years! And if you bought the property, you get even a discount (for foreigners property in Kuala Lumpur is not sold less than 1 million ringgit). You can bring this program their unmarried and / or unmarried child under 21 years (on his prudence you have to take care in advance). But if you suddenly decide to learn your offspring, he will have to change to a student visa, and lose the opportunity to stay in the country for 10 years. Well, or will have to somehow cheat. But this is at your own risk.

To understand where you are going, citing the example of some of the prices:

  • Today the salary for expats not less than 5,000 ringgit (79 thousand. rubles), this bar is set by the State;
  • studio with a bedroom rental price in the city center is 2500-3000 ringgit;
  • the average check local street food 8 ringgit, the restaurant – 50 ringgit;
  • flight Phuket Ringitt 200, Hong 400 Ringitt, flight internally Ringitt to 100;
  • nurse (au home) fulltaym – 1600 Ringitt;
  • Communal Uslugue Fee – 500-700 Ringgit.

It seems that all cards are disclosed, and there are no other possible options yet, but this is enough to take the first step towards your dream. And whatever stereotypes do you have about palm trees and crocodiles, remember that Malaysia at the peak of development, with huge prospects and brilliant future.

How and why stay on permanent residence in Kuala Lumpur

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