How and where to change money in the UAE and what currency to take

There are no strict currency control in the Arab Emirates. Here are many merchants in the markets and even in some supermarkets take dollars and euros, but the course is unfavorable for tourists. We recommend changing the currency on local dirhamas, it will be more convenient.

In this article, we will describe in detail about all the nuances of the currency exchange in the Arab Emirates. About the national currency of the United Arab Emirates in detail in the article "Money of Arab Emirates".

What money to go to the UAE

It is best to take with us US dollars. Dirham UAE Course is tied to the American dollar rate 1 USD = 3,673 AED. Accordingly, it is very easy to navigate in numbers, you do not need to count anything and follow the situation on the stock exchanges.

The main rule

– If the Dirhama purchase rate is higher than 3.6, then change boldly;

– If the course is from 3.5 to 3.6, then change the small amounts on current expenses (taxis, metro from the airport, have a snack in a cafe).

What money should not go to the UAE

Of course, we should not take our rubles to the Arab Emirates. The same applies to Belarusian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnias, Kazakh tenge and other currencies of the CIS countries. Change will be difficult. Some exchange offices take rubles, but by the terrible course – you can lose on exchange from 15 to 25%.

In the comments to this page, one of our reader has written that I do not agree that the rubles do not need to take. He successfully changed rubles at Dubai Airport at the rate of 1: 0.046. This is at the official coursce 1: 0.057. That is, a man gave 24% of his money exchanger! Sadly. Do not repeat such errors.

You can theoretically change rubles in a bank at an acceptable course, but such a bank must also be found.

Euro to take in the UAE uncomfortable. The course changes, orientate hard. In addition, the difference in purchases and sales above, more loss on the exchange.

Actual exchange courses

1 UAE Dirham = 20.165 our rubles
1 UAE Dirham = 0.272 American dollars
1 UAE Dirham = 0.231 Euro

1 our ruble = 0.050 UAE Dirham
1 American dollar = 3.674 UAE Dirham
1 euro = 4.337 UAE Dirham

Where to change money

Exchange points can be found at airports, hotels, shopping centers and just on the streets of cities. You can change money in banks. Let’s tell about each way in detail.

Exchange at the airport

In each international airport in the UAE there are currency exchange items. The course is unprofitable: 3.5-3.55 Dirhams per dollar.

We recommend changing a small amount for current expenses. Recall that when buying a ticket in the Dubai subway, only Dirhams are accepted. In a taxi in the United Arab Emirates, you can pay dollars or euros, but you will have to negotiate the course with the driver, often they are asked to pay for 3 Dirham’s ratio for the dollar.

There is a way to change money in the store Duty Free. Need to buy something, and passing to ask to give in dirhams. But look for the course in the store, it may be disadvantageous.

Exchange in banks

Change money in the bank is beneficial but uncomfortable. When exchanging always require documents. Schedule of banks: from 8 (or 9) in the morning to 13 (or 14) of the day. Some banks are additionally open from 16-00 to 18-00. On Friday, banks do not work, it’s a sacred day for Muslims.

Exchange in the hotel

Courses in hotel exchanger unprofitable: 3.5 – 3.6 Dirhama per dollar. But this method is the most convenient, you do not need to walk anywhere, work schedule from 8 am to 22 pm.

Exchanges in the shopping center and on the street

Look for such items for inscriptions "Money Exchange" or "Exchange". In shopping centers, the role of exchangers perform branches of banks that work from morning to evening. Course in exchanges in the shopping center and the most profitable street.

Exchange items provide a wide range of additional services. Here you can cash the travelers, accept the translation of Western Union, make photocopies of documents or buy local SIM.

Commission in exchanges

There are no clear rules or traditions of the currency exchange points. Some exchangers take the commission, some. If there is a commission, it can be fixed, maybe in percent. As experience shows, our tourists are watching only on the course, and they do not pay attention to other inscriptions.

So as not to fall into unpleasant situations, it is better to use the proven method. Show an employee of the exchange point of the bill (better than 100 dollars to read it was easier) and ask how "Hau Mach in Dirhams" (Per.: "How many in dirhams"). It will show the amount, usually on the calculator. Divide this amount on the nominal bills and find out the real course.

This method works in all countries of the world. Use you will not regret.

More important moments

Exchange points occur often, there is no point in changing a large amount immediately, change the amount that is enough for a couple of days. Read our article "How much money to take in the UAE".

Theoretically, there are no prohibitions on the removal of the UAE Dirhams from the country, in addition to the amount of the amount – 60,000 dirhams (details in our article "What can not be taken out of the UAE"). But it will be very difficult to exchange them outside the Arab Emirates, they will suit except as souvenirs. We strongly recommend changing all the remaining dirhams on dollars or euros before departure to their homeland.

We wish you a pleasant communication with money in the UAE, and read the articles for tourists about this country (Links below).

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good evening! Tell me you can core local currency with a ruble visa in ATM?

How and where to change money in the UAE and what currency to take

Alexander – Glavred site

You can, why not. The only barrier, your bank can block the operation, suspect fraudulent action. You need to inform the bank that you will use the card in the UAE.

Hello. You can pay a master card on which rubles? Profitable or not?

Alexander – Glavred site

You can pay with the ruble Matercard, why not. Only not profitable, since you are waiting for two conversion: rubles – dollars (or euro) -dirhama. You lose a lot. Cash is always a minimum loss.

Hello. You write that: "Exchange points occur often, there is no point in changing a large amount immediately, change the amount that is enough for a couple of days" I read somewhere that the commission for one operation 3 Dichrama is taken in all exchange offices. Is it so? Maybe all the same it is more profitable to immediately change the large amount than to lose on commissions with frequent exchanges?

Alexander – Glavred site

There are exchangers with the Commission, there is no commission. Naturally, the Council to change a small amount concerns exchangers without commission.

Alexander – Glavred site

I always do simply, in all countries. I come to the window, I show bills of $ 100 and ask "How mah". I show the amount on the calculator. I do it in the mind of 100 and understand the real course.

And unless buying dollars in Russia and then changing them in the UAE on Dirhama do not lose on double conversion? What is the point just not paying the card, except for the threat of blocking by the Bank?

Alexander – Glavred site

The meaning is that cash we change by the course who choose. We go to exchangers and see the course, choose the best.
And on the map you will also change twice, because the Visa and MasterCard system work dollars and euros, and not in rubles or dirhams. Only you will change at the rate "Loch" – At what exchange rate, the bank and the system will say, such and change.
I prefer to choose and manage my life myself. You as you want.

Metro map is impossible at all pay the bank card?

Alexander – Glavred site

Can. In the automata at stations you can pay a credit card, you can. Or download the application s"Hail on your smartphone, in this application you can replenish the balance of NOL cards from a bank card account.

Tell me, is it possible to calculate a bank card in stores, cafe and whether it is profitable, or all the same is better than cash dirhams?

Alexander – Glavred site

You can pay the card. BUT! Commission and conversion rate from different banks are different. Therefore, you are interested in your bank – what exactly the commission and course, and already decide. Cash – this is an option with a guarantee.

How and where to change money in the UAE and what currency to take

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