How and where to change money in Israel

Where and how the most convenient to change the currency in Israel? Where more profitable courses? Where is safe where not? What currency to take on vacation? Can I go to Israel with rubles? Read the answers in this article.

Is it possible to do with dollars and euros?

In the resort areas of Eilat and on the Dead Sea, you can do without shekels. Here and taxi drivers, shops, and restaurants take dollars and euros. But according to the "robby" course. It’s better to change, so you will not overpay.

In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem without shekels will not cost. Here and for public transport you need to pay only shekels, and taxi drivers are very rarely taking dollars or euros, and in stores pay only by shekels.

Does it make sense to take rubles?

Some exchange offices in Israel change rubles to Shekels and back. But the courses are extremely unprofitable. It is more profitable to change rubles in Russia for dollars or euros, and already in Israel to change on Shekels. It is more convenient, you will not have to look for an exchange office that works with rubles.

At the time of the latest update of this article (autumn 2019), the course of the our ruble is not even present in the list of official courses on the website Bank of Israel. And it is not clear to what course to navigate.

Currency "Israelis Shekel"

This article will be discussed about the currency exchange procedure in Israel. Details about the currency "Israelis Shekel" read in our article "Money in Israel".

Official courses

1 Israelis Shekel = 22.512 our rubles
1 Israeli Shekel = 0.304 American dollars
1 Israeli Shekel = 0.257 Euro

1 our ruble = 0.044 Israeli Shekels
1 American dollar = 3.291 Israeli shekels
1 euro = 3.884 Israeli Shekels

Can I buy shekels in Russia?

Possible but difficult. Even in Moscow, only a few banks are engaged in the exchange of shekels, and their courses are not at all more profitable. It is better to go to Israel with dollars and euro in your pocket.

Options where to exchange

The tourist has four options: post offices, exchange offices, banks, ATMs. Each option has its pros and cons.

Exchange in post offices

This is not the most profitable option, but it is very reliable, comfortable, understandable and without commissions.

Currency exchange rates in all Israel post offices are identical, courses are published and updated daily on the official website. But even watching them no need, you always know how profitable you will change money in the mail of Israel.

For many years, dollar and euro courses for post offices are formed according to the understanding formula:

Course sale = official – 2.5%.

When exchanging 800 euros or dollars and more formula:

Sales Course = Official – 1.7%.

The main advantage of post offices is that you do not need to think and count. Everything is so understandable.

But there are disadvantages. First, the post office does not work on Saturday, only the first half of the day works on Friday. Secondly, in the post offices there are queues, but hardly lose in these queues more than 10 minutes.

In most post offices, you need to take a piece of paper in the machine, wait for your number on the scoreboard and go to the desired window. Watch the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge.

Exchange points

Most exchange offices work without commission. However, we strongly recommend asking for the commission to be unpleasant surprise.

Courses in exchange offices are usually a little better than in post offices. To understand how much better, consider the difference between the exchange rate and the official. If it is less than 2%, then you can change boldly, it is profitable.

Advantages: Usually there are no queues, the course is slightly more profitable, work in the morning until late evening, some even in the Sabbath.

Disadvantages: you need to specify whether the Commission is; The course is even worse than in the mail.

Exchange in banks

Considered the worst option. The commission is charged here, and you will have to consider your losses with a calculator. Each Bank has its own commissions and rules. There are banks that do not take the commission and work on the same principle, as well as exchange points. But usually the Bank’s commission is calculated as "N Shekels or M% depending on what amount is more".

It rarely happens that in the bank it is possible to change money more profitable money than in exchange points or by mail. If you are ready to spend time, bypass several banks, everywhere count your losses, you can try.

Exchange in ATMs

Israel has ATMs with currency exchange feature. They are not so much as I would like.

In addition, an interface of ATMs in Hebrew or in English. That is, without knowing the English ATM, the tourist is useless. In addition, many ATMs will not produce operations if you do not insert a bank card inside.

How and where to change money in Israel

In general, for tourists ATMs are uncomfortable. Course in ATMs compare with Israel Post.

Exchange of money at the airport

At Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion) The easiest way to change money in the post office. It is located in the registration hall, at the right end (if you look from the road), next to the cafe. Opening hours: C 7-00 to 22-00 All days, except Friday – from 7-00 to 12-00, Saturday.

If you do not want to go so far, you can exchange in the exchange station in the arrival hall. But the course is less profitable. Also in the arrival zone there is an ATM, where you can rent money from the card.

In the post office you can safely change any amount. In exchange offices, we recommend changing a small amount to have enough to get from the airport to the hotel. Read our article "How to get from Tel Aviv airport to the city".

At Ramon Airport (near the resort Eilat) Now there is no post office, but there is an exchange office and an ATM. We recommend changing a small amount to get to Eilat.

Removing money from cards in ATMs

The method is comfortable, but disadvantageous. Also pay the card in stores is unprofitable.

For example, if you use a ruble card, then: first the rubles will be exchanged for dollars or euros for the Visa or MasterCard system, then they will be exchanged again in the Israeli bank on Shekels, and then another ATM will take his commission for the cash.

Naturally, bank exchange courses will be disadvantageous, the our bank can take another additional commission.

Usually, additional losses when removing money from the card are 3-5% more, if compared with losses for cash exchange.

And an important point. At the time of removal of funds from another country, the Bank may suspect a fraud attempt and block the card. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to inform your bank in advance about what is going to another country and will use the card there.


– the difference in courses in the exchanger and in the mail is small. Change money where closer not to waste time. Just follow the difference in the exchange rate and the official was within 2.5% (Israel’s Post Course);

– take with you dollars or euros, there is no big difference. Do not take rubles with you;

– Do not run between exchanger to compare where better courses. Do not waste your precious time on vacation. Just consider the difference between the exchange rate and official. If 2.5% or less, this is normal;

– about how much money to take on current expenses, read our article "How much money to take to Israel";

– What amounts you need to declare at customs, read in the article "What can be imported to Israel and how much".

Have a good holiday in Israel, and read our interesting articles for tourists about this country (List of articles below).

How and where to change money in Israel

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