How and where to buy tickets without commission?

To begin with, let’s deal with what the term itself means &# 8220; air tickets without commission&# 8221;? We have already written that the cost of any air ticket is made up of the tariff (it is installed by the airline), tax (taxes and charges of airline, airport and departure / arrival countries) and the agency fees, which sold you a ticket.

This is how the agency fees are often called the Commission. So are there agencies that sell tickets without commission? Of course, there is!

But whether there is a commission or not, no longer depends on the agency, but from the ticket itself (its tariff, airline). Almost all the agencies sell tickets both with the Commission (fees), and without it, and even with discounts.

What is the fare and airline here?

Prices are formed depending on the market situation and with a loan for competitors. Some airlines give their agents a reward for the sold ticket &# 8211; Commission from Tarifa. At the expense of this commission, the agency can make discounts. T.E. they reduce their profits to customer can buy a ticket cheaper. Therefore, you can find tickets on the sites tickets are cheaper than on the airline website (although this is not the only explanation for the fact that agencies have cheaper tickets).

Unfortunately, not all airlines allow making discounts. In this case, the ticket will be sold with a zero committee, the agent will receive a profit due to rewards from the airline.

But another case is found when the airline does not give its agencies no remuneration and then nothing remains how to enter a small fee (commission) to cover costs.

Let’s look at a few examples from Kupibilet.Ru.

How and where to buy tickets without commission

Most air tickets We sell without commission and in the route receipt you will see this calculation:

It also shows that the tariff is zero, t.E. Taks not. It is an infrequent phenomenon, but still it meets. If this is a non-return tariff, then you can not return anything in case of cancellation. As we have already written in the article about the refund of non-return tickets, with a non-return tariff, you can try to return only dachshunds (if the airline’s fine does not exceed them), in this case, it is impossible to return anything, t.To. Taks not.

But an example of a ticket with dachshunds and even a discount, as we see, there is also no commission of the Agency. On the contrary, we give a discount on the ticket:

And here is the third example, a ticket with the commission. There are not many such things truth:

If you are looking for a ticket, then decide what you really need &# 8211; ticket without commission or cheap ticket? Commission’s size and its presence does not mean that this ticket is more expensive or cheaper. The main weight in the cost is the tariff. Look for a cheap rate, not the lack of commission.

How and where to buy tickets without commission

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