How and what should I write reports from travel

1. You have the opportunity to rebound the emotions of a particular trip. After writing everything (or just what caused bursts of feelings), what happened to you throughout the journey, you will be able to "put it" experienced. You will probably come back to these records. In addition, they can be the basis of cheerful, cold blood or inspiring on the feats of the history-Bayek family archive.

2. You have the opportunity to share your experience. Just as you yourself, preparing for the journey, study the investigation of experiments and recommendations of other tourists, someone can find important information for themselves in your text. Will allow these people to avoid your mistakes or not missing themselves what to miss it would be just unfair – not so important. For help you will be grateful.

3. You have the opportunity to find like-minded people. Publishing reports in your blog, social.networks or on specialized sites and forums, you can "try" responding (and clicking Like). Among them will definitely find those who support your image of thought and travel, no matter how sophisticated way and whatever unusual ways you do. It is so valuable!

7 Soviets for writing a report

1. Make records during a trip. Running notes will help restore event chronology, price information, free services, timetables and other significant details. Such sketches will be very useful when you return home and dry by writing an expanded travel reviews. And this will help the reader to make a budget and route list, taking into account its capabilities.

2. Make photos that will be able to transfer your "feeling of place". Depending on which relations with the visualization of their observations, informative and bright pictures can be both the basis for the report and valuable final strokes. Keep dormity.

3. Specify toponyms. Fixation of titles of all points that you have overcome will allow you to make an exact description of the route. Documentality of the story is designed to make a report in demand, it is not worth neglected to negle.

How and what should I write reports from travel

4. Observe the rules of the language on which you write the report. Not in order to demonstrate your erudition, but first of all in order to keep the reader. Competently written texts perfectly take great popularity. Yes, if you post a report not in your blog, but, for example, on our website, it will pass through the editor. However, this is not a reason to cease to be strict with the written presentation of your thoughts.

5. Add to the text of emotions and speakers. Approaching the text critical, still do not forget about the emotional component. Try to write not so much by words how many images. This truly exciting text must capture the reader, teleporting it in the most press. The reading person must feel the temperature of the air, sounds, tastes and smells that surround you. Feel free to metaphors and epithets!

6. Do not focus on negative parties travel, but do not hide the incident. Everyone knows that spoiling the mood can extremely subjective things. Got up not from that foot – day is spoiled. Do not confuse your expectations with the actual state of affairs. Another question is when, for example, that leg you got on the sea hedgehog there, where the meeting could not happen to happen. This experience makes your report special. Here are practical advice. That’s the reader and adds your text to "Favorites".

7. Carefully think about the headline. In modern media, there is even a special person engaged in inventing headlines, – HadLinener. Think for what? In order not to leave the selection reader: the clinging name necessarily attracts his attention and invited to plunge into text. Also, do not forget to write the introductory part, concisely and the spectacle about the motives of your trip.

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