Houston (Texas)

Houston – 4th population US city and the largest city of Texas. The population of the city is 2.2 million inhabitants (2,195,914 for 2013). The population of the major urban agglomeration of Houston-Shugarland Beitown, the Economic Center of which is Houston, is 5.9 million inhabitants. Houston is a fairly young city, founded in 1836 by the Allen brothers. The city was received by the city in honor of Samuel Houston (Samuel Houston), a popular political figure and a general who broke the Mexican army in April 1836. This success allowed Texas to become independent of Mexico, and Houston became the capital of the Republic of Texas.

Houston is a city with a developed diversified economy. The primary basis is the energy sector based on oil and gas production, oil refineries and petrochemical production. In addition to energy, high-tech production, medical developments, aeronautics and others occupies an important share in the economy. More than 20 large corporations from the Fortune 500 list are based in Houston. Profitable geographical location, as well as a developed logistics and transport infrastructure turned Houston to an important transport hub. The port of the city closes the top ten largest ports around the world. Many foreign companies have placed their representative offices in the city with a goal of entering the huge North American market. If Houston became an independent state, his economy would be the 30th world economy.

Being a multinational city, Houston became a house for a variety of communities from around the world. Almost 44% of the population – immigrants from Latin America. Of them, the most part of Mexicans are. The total number of the population of Mexican origin is greater than 31% and this is not considered illegal immigrants, which in different estimates of at least 400 thousand. According to official data, 28% of the city’s inhabitants were born outside the United States.

Statistical data for 2013

  • Latinos – 43.7%
  • White – 25.8%
  • Houston (Texas)
  • African Americans – 22.6%
  • Asians – 6.3%
  • Mixed races – 1.3%
  • Indians – 0.2%
  • Middle per capita income – $ 27989
  • The average cost of the house – $ 125700
  • The average rental cost of housing – $ 841
  • Unemployment (June 2014) – 5.5%
  • Residents living below the poverty line – 22.4%

The rating of the cost of life is 92.5 (100 – the average value of the United States).

Residents of Houston «Houstonians» (Houstonians) big lovers delicious eat. In the city more than 11,000 restaurants with varying cuisine and various levels. In Houston, there is an interesting area of ​​museums (The Museum District), which focuses a lot of varied galleries, exhibitions, artistic and cultural institutions, including the largest museums of the city. Interestingly, 11 museums from this area with a free entrance, many of the others also offer hours for free visits. In the very center of Downoutaun, theater District is located, where several theatrical complexes are concentrated. The central platform is considered a large multi-storey entertainment complex Bayou Place.

One of the most interesting attraction of Houston, attracting 1.8 million visitors annually, is the world’s largest Rodeo in the world of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or just Rodeohouston. The event takes place on the territory of the RELLIANT PARK complex, at the Reliant Stadium Stadium (there, where the team of the National Football League Houston Texans is played). It is worth noting that the event in a duration of 20 days is not just a sports, but the largest cultural event of the American south.

Houston is NASA City . Space Center named after Lindon Johnson, where all the famous flight management center is located in the city of Cowboys and Rodeo. Space Center Houston (Space Center Houston) is one of the most interesting places for tourists.

Climate in Houston Subtropical. Summer roast with high humidity. The average temperature in July 29c, however, the temperature due to the humidity is carried out much harder. Winter in Houston moderate, in the coldest month January average air temperature is 12C.

Houston (Texas)

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