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When it comes to finding housing, the average traveler is usually three options: Airbnb, Couchsurfing (CS) and Booking. Booking is mostly searching for hotels and apartments, on Airbnb Apartments, and CS are addressed if the stop in the city is 1-2 days and do not want to spend money on the hotel. Everyone has its own pros and cons, but now it’s not about it. In this article, we will tell about services where you can still search and book accommodation so that you have more choice! Foreign resources, but basic English for search and booking accurately enough.


Unlike the same Airbnb, where you can share one apartment with the owner (remove only a room), on VRBO, eat only whole apartments without owners. It can be a studio in the center of London, luxurious choirs in Berlin or a huge villa in Thailand. It is written that the service is functioning since 1995, so only imagine how many housing options are!


And here is the opposite situation. On this service you will find only rooms in the apartment owners. He enjoys wildly popular with budget travelers and exchange students. Options are really a lot, and the prices are very pleasant. There you can even choose the our currency to be easier to navigate in prices.


Want to take off the whole house? Then go to Vacasa. Private houses of Europe and the USA are waiting in sentences. That is, to live in the house as in American films is not a problem at all! The service cooperates with a special cleaning service that makes cleaning in these houses. And the owners are good – the house will definitely be clean, and guests – nobody will make them get out of themselves.


If you use TripAdvisor recommendations, then you will enjoy their home search project. The service offers a bunch of options in 190 countries! And here are very comfortable filters.

Kid and Coe

Housing Search Services

Service for those traveling with children, that is, here accommodation options only for such travelers. All apartments are equipped for a child stay in it. Be sure: there are accurately there will be cribs, chairs, dishes, toys, and all that you need to parents. Also on the site a lot of tips, where to go with children in the area where you removed housing.

The Plum Guide

And this service will appeal to real aesthetes. Here are only specialized apartments specially selected in the interior and quality. Service employee personally comes to each of them to live in it a few days and evaluate all the amenities. Most proposals are not cheap, but for beauty you need to pay. But if you have a lot of free time, you can dig and find accommodation in the city at average cost.

By the way, since here are collected really beautiful and designer apartments, many consider apartments for inspiration. If you like cool interiors or are in search of the perfect design, then this site will bring dual benefit. Blank by proposals – solid joy for eyes!

These are the interesting services. Use on health, and if there are your proven resources, then share finds in the comments.

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