Housing in Sequoire and Kings Canyon – Campgrounds, Lodge, Hotels, Private Houses and Rooms

Sequoia and Kings-Canyon, maybe not the most popular national parks in the States, but housing in them and the surroundings are even debugging, and options can be found on any color and style. Here and campgrounds – The cheapest and romantic view of the night, and the lodge – Wooden cozy houses, hotels, houses and rooms in the surrounding cities. As you can see, sleep on the sidelines do not have to come, and it is prohibited in the USA.

I will tell you more about each of the types of housing (with an emphasis on campgrounds, as the most popular view of the refuge among tourists, especially budget), I will share where I spent the night with Andrews, and I will tell you a few inexpensive options for comfort lovers.

In Squoia National Parks (Sequoia National Park) and Kings Canyon (Kings Canyon National Park), high season falls for July and August. These months, it is better to get acquainted with search and booking housing in advance if you know exactly where in what numbers will find yourself and there are special preferences. If you travel without a clear schedule, as it was with us, and you are not fundamentally, where exactly to sleep, if only there was a place, you can always find accommodation in place. We, for example, for two months never remained in National Parks unadigital.

Below will tell in order for which housing you can count within the parks and where to look around nearby, if suddenly there will be no places in the parks or the proposed options for some reason will not come.

Campgrounds in Parks Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Campings – The most popular option overnight among tourists, because cheap and angry, and even romantic and under the side of the sights.

Within Sequoia and Kings Canyon there are already fourteen tent camps, three of which are open to visitors all year round (the rest for the winter are closed). In one you can book places in advance, others work on the principle «The first came – The first took place» (First-Come, First-Served).

Below will list all the available campgrounds with a breakdown by areas for which parks are divided (read more about it in the review article). For clarity here is a scheme of districts:

Campgrounds in Foothills Area (Sequoia NP)

This area – Nearest to the entrance to the Ash Mountain Entrance Park (or Hwy 198 Entrance). The warmest part of the park, in winter there is no snow here.




$ 22
(Some places are available for booking)

42 places, open all year round. Next to the river. There are water toilets, dump.

$ 22
(seats can be booked for the period from mid-May)

28 seats, open from late March to late September. Next to the river. From the amenities only toilets with water. For RV and trailers there are no places.

$ 12
(The fee is charged only from the end of May until mid-October, the rest of the time is free of charge)

10 seats, open all year round. Next to the river. Toilets without water.

Campgrounds in Mineral King Area (Sequoia NP)

Mineral King Road is one mile to the west of Hwy 198 Entrance, this road is closed for travel.




$ 12

$ 12

40 seats, open from late May until the end of October. Near the river. Toilets without water. Food and shower can also be found in Silver City. For RV and trailers there are no places.

Campgrounds in Giant Forest / Lodgepole Area (Sequoia NP)

The district is located in one hour to the north of the entrance Park Sequoia (Ash Mountain Entrance) and one hour to south of the entrance to the Kings Canyon Park (Big Stump Entrance). Located in coniferous forests on median heights.




$ 22
(places can be booked for the period from mid-May to late September)

214 seats, open from late March until late November. Near the river. There is no shower and laundry, public sewage, electricity and water for trailers too. There are water toilets. Food you can buy nearby.

$ 22

222 places, including 4 for large groups, open from mid-June to early September. Near the stream. Services for trailers and RV also no. There are water toilets, dump.

Campgrounds in Grant Grove Area (Kings Canyon NP)

This area is closest to the entrance to the Kings Canyon National Park (Big Stump Entrance).




$ 18

110 seats, open all year round (however, it may be temporarily closed due to fires). There are water toilets, services for RV no. Near GRANT Grove Village with food and shower.

$ 18
(Standard Places)

$ 35
(group places)

$ 18
(Standard Places)

$ 40
(group places)

159 seats, of which 2 for large groups. Open from late May to early September. Amenities are the same.


This area is closed for visits in winter, as well as it can be closed and at any other time of the year due to fires, it is pre-clarifying the information on the official website.




$ 18

$ 18

111 seats, open from late May until mid-October. Amenities Similar.

$ 35
(for medium groups)

$ 50
(for large groups)

16 group places (4 for large groups and 12 for medium), open from late May until late September. Amenities Similar. RV and trailers are not allowed.

$ 18

120 seats, open from early July to early September. Amenities Similar.

* Campgrounds are marked on the map at the end of the article (black points)

In all camping spaces are equipped with a table with benches, a fireplace with a grill grill and an iron drawer for hiding food from bears (what is it, why do you need and how to read here).

If you plan to leave with overnight stay in a long trick, in places where there are no designated campgrounds, you will have to take permit in one of the centers visitor. This permission will give you the opportunity to get up with a tent in Beckkant. Read more on the official website.

Booking places in campsites

Book a place in Campsites in which it is provided for, on the website Recreation.GOV (Enter the name of the Park of interest or the campsite you like in the search bar). Booking standard places designed for 1-6 people are possible six months before the expected date of residence, and for group places for 7-50 people – in a year. Read more about how to search, book and pay for Campgrounds, read in a separate article.

Keep in mind that in the high season on the night from Saturday to Sunday often all seats in campsites are busy (in any case, in the most popular who closest to the attractions). It is better to have several other options in stock. The easiest way to find places from Monday to Friday in the afternoon, because everything is usually driving around to dinner.

General rules for all campgrounds

  • You can go to all campsites at any time of the day and night, there are no restrictions, but you need to go to noon, to 12 o’clock.
  • In one campsite you can stay at a maximum of 14 days in a row, and during the year no more than 30 days in aggregate (if this is relevant, of course).
  • No Services for RV within parks. Generator operation time is limited: from 9:00 to 19:00, and in the campsites Lodgepole and Dorst Creek from 8 to 11 am and from 5 to 8 pm.
  • From 22:00 to 6:00 in the campgrounds «Quiet hours».
  • Need to be extremely neat with fires, cigarettes and other flammable things, fires in parks – This disaster.
  • Parking Rules prescribe to lock all edible and smelling things in special iron cabinets (the so-called Food-Storage Box) installed on all tent places. It was in Sequoire that we had lived in the first bear on an indecent close distance from people.
  • Housing in Sequoire and Kings Canyon - Campgrounds, Lodge, Hotels, Private Houses and Rooms

There are other rules, but these basic. Andriusiks were ready to observe them, so I was glad to be happy for overnight stays in a sequel and Kings Canyon, it was the campsites, so that we will describe those in which we spent the night and which we liked.


This campsite is located in the heart of Sequoia Park (in the Giant Forest area) and is the most popular among tourists. He is very close to Lodgepole Visitor Center and the benefits of civilization, which are rich in national parks.

Schedule: From year to year, the dates of opening and closing camping are changed a little, so it is better to pre-clarify information on the official website, if you plan to spend the night in the camp in spring or autumn. In general terms, camping begins to take visitors from the end of March-mid-May, and ends by the end of November, in the summer it works exactly.

Booking: In the high season it is recommended to book places in advance, if you want to be exactly sure that you can spend the night in this campsite. Make it can be here. In those dates, when places are not available for booking, they are engaged in a queue (if you arrived and there is a free place, it means that it is yours). Ideally, puzzled by the booking is worth a month for three to the trip, or even before, if it falls on July-August, it may later be no free seats and have to either look for another camping that, in general, not very critical because that in sequoire and kk there are many of them, or wait for someone with the mind and cancel their reservation.

Price: 22 dollars for a place (payment is made by the Ranger at the entrance to the campsite, he decides which place you will get, asks only a big tent or small).

Places: Total in the camp 214 seats. In summer, everything is functioning, and in the spring and autumn only 16 tent places and several places for RV. All of them are standardly equipped with tables with bears and fires under the fire. Additional option of sequoia and Kings Canyon – Iron Boxes from bears, well, you remember about them)) There are many trees around them, where we were, places are located at different levels, which seems to be in some big anthill or apartment building. Parking is enough isolated from each other and cozy. We liked the campsite, however, it was distant to the toilet, but it was little things.

Camping scheme Lodgepole:

Facilities: There are water toilets and taps with drinking water in camping. Services for RV No (sewage, electricity, water), only a landfill station. There are no shower and laundry. Very near Lodgepole Market.

Azalea Campground (Kings Canyon NP)

In the campsite Azalea we spent the night twice. The first time we went to it simply because he was closest to the place where we were covered with the night, and the second, because we liked it and was next to the departure from the park towards Fresno, where we just went. Located by Azalea Campground in the Grant Grove area (Kings Canyon).

Schedule: Camping is open all year round, however, it is necessary to clarify in advance on the official website, as sometimes there are fires and the camp closed.

Booking: Booking places is not provided, the campsite works on the principle of first-com, first-served (who came first and sneakers). The big plus this is that you can choose any place that you like, if, of course, they will not all be busy (in this case there are also a couple of tent camps).

Price: 18 dollars per place (self-implication in envelope, read more about this payment system here).

Places: Total in campsite 110 places, in the spring of them are available for settlement only 40. Places are equipped with table benches, fireplace places with grill grill and iron anti-stepmakes. In general, not the most pleasant thing to drag all food and smelling things every night in this box, and in the morning back to the car, but nothing can be done – Watch the Introducing Meal Bear from your tent an even less rainbow perspective.

Places, as in the previous camping cozy, around full trees, even deer on the guests come at night.

Azalea Camping Scheme in Kings Canyon:

Facilities: From the facilities in the campsite, perhaps only toilets with water. Less than a kilometer, in Grant Grove Village there are paid souls and laundry, as well as a restaurant.

Where and how to search for campgrounds?

Here I mean the search for campgrounds directly in place, relevant for those who did not book anything in advance. Not always within the parks so many camps, as in Sequoire and Kings Canyon, and in these can be happening such that the number of tourists is shroud and all places will be occupied, in this case will have to look something else. How to seek and what resources to use Andrews told in detail here.

Lodge in Parks Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Those travelers who prefer the comfort of a warm bed romance to nights in the sleeping bag, lodges are also suitable on the parks. Lodge – These are such cozy wooden houses-hotels with private rooms or customized houses. It costs this good, of course, more expensive than overnight in campsite, but, as they say, you can’t live beautifully.

Directly in the parks there are 4 lodges:





Wuksachi Lodge

(district Giant Forest, Sequoia NP)

102 Rooms, Restaurant, Store. Open all year round.

John Muir Lodge

(GRANT GROVE Kings Canyon NP)

36 rooms, restaurant. Open for visitors all year round.


(GRANT GROVE Kings Canyon NP)

6 types of houses. Take visitors all year round. Less than 1 km visitors center, restaurant, shop, mail.

Cedar Grove Lodge

(Cedar Grove district, Kings Canyon NP)

21 Room, Restaurant, Grocery and Souvenir Stores. It works seasonally

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Housing in Sequoire and Kings Canyon - Campgrounds, Lodge, Hotels, Private Houses and Rooms

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