Housing in Paris.

So in which area to stay?
First of all, Paris is divided into districts (indicated at the beginning of the address, for example 06. Saint-Germain), so here for a comfortable stay are suitable from 1 to 8, as well as 9, 10, 15 and 16. It is categorically avoided 14, 17, 18.19 and 20th districts, it is actually a ghetto on the outskirts, where no one will give for your safety and euro pairs. If it happened that you chose them, then you should not at least walk after the occurrence of darkness, and girls wander without accompanying men.


In the center in buildings, they are often not at all, but where there is – this is a small cabin, where you can fit 1 person with a suitcase or two without luggage. The numbering of floors begins from the floor of the lobby (as a rule it has a value of 0), respectively, our 2nd floor in Paris 1y and so on.

Room sizes.

Do not be surprised if we pay 70-100 euros per night, you will get a room with a size of 7-12 kV.M., For Paris, this is the norm in hotels 2-3 *. T.E. entering the room, the entrance door can almost rest in bed on the one hand, and the door to the bathroom – on the other. By the way about the bathrooms, it is universally completed with a shower, and only in more expensive hotels there will be a bath.

Graduation of hotels (star).

Hostels /"Auberge de Jeunesse"
The choice of hostels in Paris is large enough, and you can run away both on clean, beautiful, in the old buildings, and on the dirty, lamb type. So as not to spoil your holiday, in advance, find out all the services provided. The average cost of bed-space in the Paris Hostel – 15-30EVRO. For this money, you can live almost opposite the Louvre (for example, here http: // www.bvjhotel.COM /)

Housing in Paris.

Hotels 1-2 *
Just the very hotels with tiny numbers, but with a shower and toilet, which gives any, but privacy. Cost in Paris 40-60 euros per night, a lot of such hotelers in the Montmartra area (not the most peaceful place late evenings, but has a certain charm at another day).

Hotels 3 *
More usual urban hotels with small rooms (9-15 kV.M.) The reception will help you with the preparation of the route around the city, transport and other tourist issues. I especially like the chains of hotels Best Western. Cost 80-130 euros per night. Breakfasts are usually pretty scanty, and if it is proposed to pay for it additionally – boldly refuse: in the street cafe you are definitely more pleasant and tastier, not to mention the fact that it will cost it cheaper.

Hotels 4-5 *
Here in comfort is not worth the doubt, t.To. Even 4 stars for Paris are a high level of service. Most often in such hotels will be a business center with the services of the Internet, fax and other joys. Decent breakfast, t.E. not only divorced coffee with croissant. Caring Staff and Other Attributes "Fought life". Problems book a room cost more than 150-200 euros in Paris, except in the new year, christmas or days of the most popular business exhibitions.

Apartments / Apartments.
If you are planning to go to the company for a period of more than a week, you can easily afford to rent an apartment in Paris. Its price will be from 70-80 euros per day (and more often the cost will be considered in weeks) and above depending on the number of beds and location. Charms such a housing are obvious: the presence of a kitchen (which makes it possible to save on food), the opportunity to live a real Parisian life, take French or English.

Housing in Paris.

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