Housing in New York: Room or apartment in Manhattan for $ 50

Housing in New York expensive. It is worth opening any search engine for hotels and you see that it is practically no cheaper than $ 100 options, but those that are (for 70-75 dollars) are either terrible or completely uncomfortable. Preparing for a trip to New York, it seemed to me that even in just ten days, which had to spend in the city of skyscrapers, you will have to give a bunch of money for housing, which we were not ready for. That’s right with Andrews and paid attention to the alternative – Then not so popular site airbnb. It turned out that it can find excellent options in terms of price and quality that we did. It was our first acquaintance with Airbnb, which soon turned into a strong friendship;)

What is airbnb?

Briefly speaking, airbnb – This is a resource for booking housing worldwide directly from the owners. Here you can find everything – From budget options, when you rent a place in a common room, a separate room in an apartment or a house, or a simple apartment, to luxury apartments, huge houses, country villas, yachts, palaces and t.D. For economical travelers, the site is attractive with competitive prices (sometimes you can find not only rooms, but also apartments at the price of hotel rooms), for uneconomical – AirBNB will be interested in variety and extraordinary accommodated housing options, and for everyone together – Easy use.

Everything is easy enough: they register and confirm your data (the hosts also people want to know that you are a real and adequate person), then you can search and choose accommodation, communicate with the owners and place a reservation:

Read more about how airbnb works and all the booking stages are described in my article article.

What are the advantages? You communicate with the owners directly, which means that you can always ask questions and everything will find out about the accommodation, about something and ask for help, while the AirbnB service acts as a link between the owner and the traveler and is the guarantor of the transaction,.E. You can not worry that the money will disappear somewhere, and in the case of difficulties you can always contact the support service.

Why do we personally like to use Eirbnb? Because the accommodation options are much more diverse than standard hotel rooms, because besides the bed you get a full-fledged cuisine, the washing and a bunch of other buns, because you can see from the inside how the life is arranged, chat with the owners and learn something interesting.

For those who do not wait to try out Airbnb in action, link to the section with all accommodation options in New York →

How to get a discount $ 20 on the first booking?

If you are already registered on the AirbnB website and use the service, get a discount will not succeed, so you can safely go on the link and look for a suitable accommodation in New York, or read the article further to see the suggestions that I liked me. But those who only plans to start acquaintance with the service can get a $ 20 dollars bonus on their first booking. To do this, go through our link for friends (Red button below), register and get a coupon for $ 20. You can use it if the total reservation amount without taking into account the cleaning fee will be more than 75 dollars (in this case, the discount will be taken into account automatically).

After registration, you can go to search for your ideal accommodation options from AirBNB or still read the article to the end, suddenly I will like something from what we found.

Our student apartment Airbnb in New York

As already mentioned, rental housing in New York has become our first booking experience through Airbnb. We removed the room in a two-room apartment in Manhattan, very close to Broadway, for only $ 50 (fairness it is worth noting that at the beginning of 2014 the dollar rate was much more pleasant). By the way, now the options are much more that can not but rejoice.

«Our» The apartment turned out to be the property of the Columbia University issued to two graduate students, one of which was leaving home for a month to Chile and decided to pass his room for vacation. We got a simple, but a cozy room with everything you need, excellent atmosphere and a very comfortable bed)) The neighbors were a guy and a girl from Chile, so also Spanish practiced a little before riding to Mexico. It turned out that so to live in New York much more interesting than in the standard room of some hostel or hotel.

Below a pair of photos to be clear what we are talking about. They are not very high-quality, because then we have not yet known that airbnb will be so often to help us out on trips, and that I want to recommend it to blog readers (then, before traveling to the States, we must admit, we also have readers I did not really).

We have already asked more than once how to rent this particular room, and if you have the same question, then with regret I will say that it is not a fact that it will give up to the date of your trip. Gonzano (owner) gives it only from time to time when leaving for vacation. In any case, here is a direct link to this apartment on the Airbnb, you can check it is available for booking or not. If not, see below some more similar options for the same price (plus-minutes 10 bucks).

Apartments and rooms in Manhattan from $ 40 (10 economy options)

Over time, AirBNB website is gaining increasing popularity worldwide. When we were looking for housing in New York, there were only a few acceptable options in the lower price range, now they are many more. Below I will give a few examples of inexpensive rooms in New York standards of rooms and apartments in Manhattan – In the historic center of the city.

To make it easier to navigate, here Diagram of the areas of Manhatthen:

1. Large cozy room near Central Park for $ 50

Price: day – $ 50.

Additionally: Cleaning fee $ 35.

Minimum stay: 10 nights.

Facilities: You can enjoy the kitchen, toiletries, Wi-Fi, heating, can with animals, allowed to smoke.

Reviews: The owner has 21 reviews and, if you believe, the apartment fully complies with the description, it is always clean in it, and the owner – Miley in communication.

2. Bright room in five minutes walk from Times Square for $ 40

Price: day – $ 40, week – $ 500.

Additionally: surcharge for each guest after the first – $ 20, cleaning fee $ 20.

Minimum stay: 4 nights.

Facilities: Kitchen, Wi-Fi, Free toiletries, Wi-Fi, Heating, Heating, Air Conditioning.

Reviews: The owner has 25 reviews, most of them are positive, some believe that it is not difficult to clean. Mainly dignity – Great location.

3. Modern room next to the Central Park and the Cathedral of John the Bogosla for $ 49

Price: day – $ 49.

Additionally: Cleaning fee $ 40.

Minimum stay: 2 a.m.

Facilities: kitchen, Wi-Fi, heating, air conditioning, cable TV, can with children.

Reviews: 84 reviews from satisfied guests (a good guarantee that you like the room). They say excellent value for money.

4. Bright room in the atmospheric apartment near the subway for $ 45

Price: day – $ 45.

Additionally: Cleaning fee $ 25, security for safety – $ 250 (this is also found, do not forget to pay attention to it).

Minimum stay: 6 nights.

Facilities: Kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, Cable TV, Free toiletries, Wasprack, Dryer, Air Conditioning.

Reviews: While only 2 reviews, but both enthusiastic (the apartment is really cute), apparently, the people scare off, although Airbnb guarantees his return.

5. Room with fresh repairs near Columbia University for $ 45

Price: day – $ 45, week – $ 330.

Additionally: Property Security Deposit – $ 150.

Minimum stay: 3 nights.

Facilities: Kitchen, Wi-Fi.

Reviews: The owner has three positive reviews. Guests argue that everything complies with the description, praise good location (next to the subway) and describe the owner as very friendly and ready to help.

6. Compact room in Chinatown near Brooklyn Bridge for $ 40

Price: day – $ 40.

Additionally: fee for cleaning – $ 25.

Minimum stay: 1 night.

Facilities: Cuisine, Wi-Fi, Heating, Air Conditioning.

Reviews: No, nor little, 78 reviews. average rating – Four, but, I think the location makes everyone forgive, because this is the heart of Manhattan.

7. Spacious and modern studio in the upper East Side for $ 57

Price: day – $ 57.

Additionally: no surcharge.

Minimum stay: 7 nights.

Facilities: Kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, Free toiletries, Air Conditioned, Cable TV.

Reviews: There are no reviews yet, perhaps you will become the first guest)) The location of the apartment is excellent, if something confuses or lacks information – Boldly Write the owner and ask.

eight. Cozy studio apartment near Broadway for $ 55

Housing in New York Room or apartment in Manhattan for $ 50

Price: day – $ 55.

Additionally: fee for cleaning – $ 10.

Minimum stay: 3 nights.

Facilities: Cuisine, Wi-Fi, Heating, Air Conditioning, Washing Machine, Dryer, Can With Children and Pets.

Reviews: The owner has 8 positive feedback. Guests celebrate a safe location, friendliness of the owner, cleanliness and comfort of apartments.

nine. Established apartment in the upper East Side for $ 60

Price: day – $ 60.

Additionally: No surcharge.

Minimum stay: 1 night.

Facilities: The owner is marked only washing and drying machine, I think about other amenities it is worth clarifying in the correspondence.

Reviews: There are no reviews yet, since the owner put an apartment on the site recently. I will note a good location, this is the same area where we lived, we liked it there (went on foot in the central park).

ten. Comfortable studio not far from Columbia University for $ 60

Price: day – $ 60, week – $ 350.

Additionally: No surcharge.

Minimum stay: 7 nights.

Facilities: Kitchen, TV, Free toiletries, Heating, Air Conditioning, Wi-Fi.

Reviews: 8 reviews are written on this apartment, all exceptionally positive. Praise the hostess, comfortable bed and location.

So, it was 10 options for rooms and apartments in Manhattan from 40 to 60 dollars per day (What is cheaper than any hotel room that can be found using aggregators). I note that these were the cheapest options, adding another 15-20 dollars to the daily budget at housing, you can find a lot of other options that may be pretty, and more spacious, and more convenient for some parameters (I’m silent about large sums , there, as usual, full of expathed). See for yourself what can be rented, for example, for 75-80 dollars per day:

Another pretty apartment in a pair of steps from Times Square for $ 79.

This is me to the fact that the airbnb accommodation will be able to find all – and economical travelers like us and those who are looking for greater comfort and are not too limited in the budget.

By the way, search engines for hotels give out options from $ 70 (and then 2-3 such, and the average minimum number of the room is about $ 100), there is nothing cheaper, there is nothing more cheaper, and for this amount, the most simplest rooms in the hostels are offered, which are no better airbnb rooms For $ 40. See for yourself: Hotels in Manhattan on Booking.COM and Hotellook.

In addition to apartments using AirBNB in ​​New York you can rent:

Apartments and rooms in different parts of New York

If you want to search for yourself, gain, compare accommodation prices in different parts of New York, you can use links to sections with housing in different parts of the city. On the pages you can install the desired price range, to immediately cut off too expensive options, specify the area of ​​interest to the map (with an increase in the map additional options may appear), as well as note the desired type of housing (shared room, separate room, whole apartment or house).

    This is the heart of New York, it is in the area that the main attractions are located (you can search for additional options for the top ten, which I described above). →
    Brooklyn is very popular among tourists to accommodate, as the accommodation here is cheaper, and to Manhattan you can safely get to the subway. →
    This is the area that will meet you, as the international airport is located here. In his neighbor to Manhattan, the part of the Quins is also quite suitable for living. →
    For the most independent)) →
    For those who are planning a large-scale journey.

It is worth mentioning that prices vary depending on the season, so it is better to book accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to visit New York at Hot Season.

P.S. Recently, the apartments can also be rented on the Booking website.Com. In addition, if you are great in English, ready to communicate with the owners directly and not afraid of the lack of guarantees, you can look at the CraigSlist website.ORG, I heard, you can find interesting and cheap options.

Excellent search for you, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Housing in New York Room or apartment in Manhattan for $ 50

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