Housing in Glen Canyon: Campgrounds, RV, hotels, units, boats-houses and yachts Part 2

Other accommodation options in different parts of Glen Canyon

In the review article about Glen-Canyon, I wrote that the park is divided into several independent areas (there you can see their location and schemes). Usually travelers choose some one or two, which are on the way. Each of them has accommodation presented by those or other options. Without going into minor details, I will describe all of them.

District Lees Ferry

Campgrounds (Campgrounds)

  • LeesFerryCampground: There are 54 seats, there is no prior booking, it works on the principle of FIRST Come-First Served (who came first, he took the place). Price – 12 dollars for a place per night.
  • Primitive campgrounds between Lees Ferry and Glen Canyon: There are six marked campgrounds (First Come-First Served). Equipped with toilets, fires for the fire. The fee is not charged.

Wahweap district

Places for Wheel Houses (RV Parking)

139 seats in the area of ​​the Pier, Hook-up, equipped with places for grill, tables, there is a Dump-Station, nearby shop, shower, laundry facilities.

Campgrounds (Campgrounds)

Wahweap Campground, About which I promised to write more. It was here that we almost settled. Camping is located there, where and RV Parking.

Schedule: Camping takes tourists all year round (tents and RV).

Booking: You can book a place in advance by calling (800) 528-61654 or on the site.

Price: 26 dollars per place.

Places: 112 seats under the tent with the possibility of arrival by car or small RV, 9 Walk-in places (the car will have to be left in the parking lot, and things to drag in your hands).

Facilities: Places are equipped with tables, fires for the fire. There are toilets, water and even Wi-Fi, however, the quality of its work is very dependent on the weather. Normal Internet can be found in the lobby of the Lake Powell Resort.

Next to Campground Office – Shop, Laundry, Shower. Shower costs 2 dollars in 15 minutes. Laundry: Washing Machine – 1 dollar dryer – 50 cents. Will have to stock up fourth, other money machines do not accept. Can be exchanged in the shop nearby.

Camping scheme:

Wahweap Campground

  • Quiet clock from 10 pm to 6 am.
  • During the quiet clock, you cannot use the generator.
  • Plus Rules, standard for all campgrounds.

Cafes, restaurants You can find in Lake Powell Resort (nearby):

  • Rainbow Room
  • Driftwood Lounge
  • Wahweap grille
  • Canyon Coffee
  • Latitude 37

We have changed my mind in this campsite, although I have already paid the night. Reached the reserved place, looked at him, and decided that we don’t want to stay there, and even for $ 26, that for camping quite a lot. Money returned to us on the map, though, in a few days.

Lodging hotels

In addition to campgrounds in the area of ​​Wahweap, there is a comfortable hotel Lake Powell Resort. Rooms of various sizes are offered, there is a restaurant, a souvenir shop and other bias of civilization. Located hotel right on the pier.

In addition, you can stay at the hotel in the nearest Town Page, to which to go only 10 minutes. Check prices, compare options and choose the appropriate hotel, using the mold:

Accommodation from Airbnb

As Alternative option Search for housing in Mexican cities I recommend paying attention to the site airbnb. This is a resource on which the owners offer to rent their housing (rooms, apartments, houses). We have already found excellent accommodation there in terms of price and quality ratio and always remained satisfied. Below the most appropriate sections of the site:

Going on the last link, you will be taken to the section where all those offered on Airbnb accommodation options for housing in the States will be collected. There you can enter the title of the city in the upper left corner, which is interested, and get a sample of housing based on it, plus there is an opportunity "Play" With other parameters to choose the options as suitable for personal requests (the picture is increasing):

Details on the operation of the Airbb service and order of booking, as well as $ 20 bonus on the first booking (for unregistered users), look for in my article article. There are reviews and links to specific rooms and apartments that we rented Andrews.

Housing in Glen Canyon Campgrounds, RV, Hotels, Units, Boats - Houses and Yachts Part 2

Boats-houses (Houseboats)

Since Glen Canyon has a lake, a unique opportunity to live instead of the hotel in a boat-house. Pleasure, just say, not cheap, but someone can afford it.

Boats are different, but everyone is designed for companies from several people. The following types are provided:

Luxury, Lake Powell. Price – from 4,000 to 10,000 dollars in four days.

Deluxe, Lake Powell. Price – from $ 2,500 to $ 3,1 in three days.

Economy, Lake Powell. Price – from 1 800do 2 500 in three days.

Areas Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, Hite

Places for Wheel Houses (RV Parking)

  • BullFrog – 24 Places (Hook-Up), for RV a maximum length of 15 meters.
  • Halls Crossing – 32 places (hook-up), for RV a maximum of 18 meters.
  • Hite – 9 seats (hook-up)

Equipped Campgrounds (Developed Campgrounds)

Work on the principle of FIRST Come-First Serve, maximum two cars for one place. Places are equipped with tables, special seats for the fire, there are toilets, drinking water. Shower and laundry kilometer.

  • BullFrogCampground – 75 seats.
  • HallsCrossingCampground – 45 seats.

Primitive Campgrounds (PRIMITIVE CAMPGROUNDS)

  • BullFrog – Stanton Creek (no amenities).
  • Halls Crossing – Shoreline, Dirty Devil, Farley Canyon (Equipped with toilets without water).
  • Hite – White Canyon, Blue Notch (no amenities).

Price – 6 dollars per person per night (should not exceed 12 dollars per car).

Lodging hotels

  • BullFrog – DefianceHouseLodge. Read the details and book a room on the official website.

Family Units (Family Units)

Units – These are not rooms in hotels, these are the so-called autonomous houses. Such can be found in the districts of Bullfrog, Halls Crossing and Hite. You can find out the details and place a reservation here.

Boats-houses (Houseboats) and yachts

Can be rented in the Bullfrog Marina area – All the same as described above for WAWEAP.

As you can see, housing options are even debugging. Everyone will find something for themselves and on the pocket. So choose!

Excellent holiday in Glen Canyon, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Glen Canyon Park Cards

Our map

  • Red dots – Attraction
  • Black – Accommodation (Campgrounds, Hotels, Lodge)
  • Yellow – Filling stations
  • Green – Shops, Cafes and Restaurants
  • Raspberry – Visitor centers (visitors’ centers) and the nearest strategic cities.
  • Blue – pier

Cards from the official site here, plus an interactive map. Wonderful visual wikimapia.

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