Houses of Culture

With the growth of the population and the development of cities, the need for people in cultural and entertainment centers, which could organize their leisure, help developing creative abilities. After the victory in Iran of the Islamic Revolution, for leisure, as well as the development and education of the creative abilities of children, adolescents and young people in various parts of the capital, many houses of culture were created. As a rule, they have a library, reading room, visual hall, art gallery and training classes. Some of the houses of culture are equipped with a cinema hall, a sports complex, a finely circulating publishing house, outlets and T. NS.

There are specialized cultural homes. As an example, you can call the house of Kranic culture on Jomukhuri Street, the main function of which is concluded in the distribution of koranic concepts, increasing their impact on the consciousness and acts of the younger generation and in general introduction in the Koranic culture society.

House of Culture Bachman, the first in Tehran, is of particular importance. This house of culture occupies an area of ​​40,000 square meters. meters and is located on the square with the same name. In the House of Culture Bachman there is a museum, a summer room, a cinema hall, a staged room, a library, a lingaphonic class, a computer class, a picture gallery, a galen of science and technology, a sports complex, the theater section works there.

The largest home of Iran’s culture is Havaran. Havaran Culture House began its activities in 1994 in order to educate young people and distribute in society a rich Islamic Iranian culture. It is built in one of the densely populated areas in the southeastern part of Tehran on the territory of approximately eighty thousand square meters.

In 2000, this house of culture was renamed "Janes" What does the youth mean and from that time his staff began to pay cultural and social problems of young people. The activities of the House of Culture Janes are not limited to

The educational department, considered one of the main in this cultural center, organized a large number of creative, scientific and sports sections. Cultural Center Janes Includes an administrative building, the main building, the Fair of Culture and Art, the Summer Theater, the gym and town of amusement.

Architects sought to specially organize the space of the building of the House of Culture. With its creation, not only modern trends, but also religious and national features of Iran’s architecture. In this building built in the form of a semicircle, the administration is placed, as well as the consulting department and the testing department of mental abilities, in which a large number of girls and young men are drawn daily, as well as their parents.

The most beautiful building of the House of Culture Janes – most importantly. This building is a cone-shaped form, his dome is crowned, which gives the building a special beauty. The facade of this five-story building is lined with granite, widely used in modern architecture, as well as brick, traditional for Iran’s architecture. The main part of the floor in the building is covered with granite of different colors. The floor-posted floor resembles the patterns of Iranian carpets. The architecture of the ceiling of the hall and the rooms of the central building is also unique. It uses various geometric shapes in accordance with the purpose of the premises.

One of the most beautiful premises of the building is his library. It contains more than 30,000 books. Two reading rooms are equipped with the most modern features. The library is one of the most popular areas of the House of Culture Janes.

The first floor of the house of culture is called "Child’s world", Because all of it is allocated to the creative activity of children. There is a theater hall, music section, puppet workshop and library for children and adolescents.

Houses of Culture

On other floors of the central building of the House of Culture, there are a variety of sections: musical, theater, cinema, visual art and literary sections. At the disposal of attendant youth are four halls, art gallery and several workshops.

Scientific and technical exhibition, which is one of the most interesting places of the House of Culture, is on the top floor. Attending her schoolchildren in practice get acquainted with the achievements of modern science and technology. This exhibition consists of various sections: physics, mechanics, biology, geology, astronomy and aircraft.

Next to the central building, an outdoor theater was built, in which Mohharram and Safara and Safar were performed on mourning days every year, at another time of the year, a variety of visitor programs are organized there.

Fair "Culture and art", occupying an area of ​​4800 square meters. meters, located between administrative and central buildings. Fair almost 4 meters below ground level. It is built in the style of old Kashan buildings.

In the center of the fair is a beautiful pool, which occupies an area of ​​360 kV. meters. The pool is surrounded by a large number of pavilions. One of the most beautiful places in the fair is traditional teahouse.

Houses of Culture

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