House with a residence permit and on Danube

Thanks to the liberal legislation of some states, citizens from the CIS countries can – under certain conditions – to move there for permanent residence, to acquire real estate there, open your business and forget about everything that prevents adequate to live and work well. One of these countries is Hungary, the demand for the purchase of real estate and obtaining a residence permit in which increased significantly in recently among our citizens. For several years to move to permanent residence in Hungary and other countries to citizens of the CIS countries and other states successfully helps the Hungarian Law Company Rekkon.

Interest in Hungary has emerged. This country, located in the center of Europe, has a stable economy, low taxation, a reliable banking system and, moreover, is distinguished by an excellent climate. Political and economic changes in the country in the direction of the market economy began with the late 80s. To date, the political stability and lack of national problems are characteristic of Hungary. In general, Hungarians – good-natured and cheerful people.

The capital of Hungary – Budapest is a city with a beautiful architecture, green parks and picturesque recreation zones, with many low-cost cafes, restaurants and shops (pay in which only Hungarian Forints is accepted). Prices, in general, below Western European (and Moscow – and suppressed). Lost with wine in a restaurant can be $$ 10-15. In a cafe like "Fast Food" – For $$ 1.4-3. Those who do not suit the restaurant service in Budapest (enough, by the way, decent), can reach the veins in Austria in two hours – the capital of Austria. Visa regime with this country, if there is a residence permit in Hungary, more than simple. In June of this year, Amsterdam will consider the issue of Hungary’s accession to the European Union and accession to the Schengen space, which, in the case of a positive decision (and the chances of this are quite high), will make it borders with other Western European countries and is completely transparent.

Properties offered in Hungary is designed for every taste and any pocket. Prices are the most diverse: for example, a small house in a cozy town, located near Budapest, you can buy for the price, ranging from $ 15.000. For the same money you can find an apartment and in Budapest (it all depends on the requirements for housing). The cost of the family of 3 people is approximately $ 250 per month. For those who wish to buy in Hungary ready (valid) business, there are no problems. Daily Rekkon can offer its customers up to 40 new objects. The prices of them are approximately as follows: office space (20 square meters) on the outskirts of Budapest – $ 33.000, store (55 square meters) in a good area – $ 33.000, gas station with cafeteria and shop – $ 138.000, Flower Shop near Cemetery – $ 7.000, Popular Restaurant (with staff) – $ 39.000, fitness center in the center of Budapest – $ 15.000. Those who are not able to immediately purchase a business ownership can take it into temporary or lifelong rental. So, let’s say, the temporary rental of the store of 60-70 square meters will cost about $ 300 per month. The right of lifelong lease of the same store (if he is in municipal property) can be redeeming for $$ 10.000-15.000 and then pay monthly only about $ 100.

And now about the most important thing: for all citizens from the CIS countries who want to constantly settle in Hungary, the prerequisite is the presence of a local enterprise, the owners of which they can and should be. After registering your company in Hungary, you have the full right to get a residence permit in this country. You can register a Hungarian company at the address of the apartment you rent, or at the legal address, which will provide you with the registering company. A single tax that the company should pay only at the end of the year is about 32% of profits, and if there is an offshore company (which can also be purchased at Rekkon) this tax is minimized. Rekkon, by the way, provides newly created companies and accounting services (this service will cost $$ 60-70 per month).

Residence permit is confirmed by the issuance of a passport in the central police department of Budapest. The issuance of the passport is made with the personal presence of the client, which guarantees him the authenticity of the document.

House with a residence permit and on Danube

The cost of registration of the company (turnkey) will cost the client only $ 1.300, decoration of residence permit (for the whole family of the founder of the company) – $ 800. Company registration period – 6 working days, residence permit – 6-7 business days.

By those for any reason, Hungary does not increase, Rekkon offers a residence permit and citizenship (with a passport) in many other countries (this will cost the client no less than $ 11.000).

On a more complete list of services, Rekkon can be found by calling directly to the office of the company in Budapest. The company also invites the company to cooperate registered in the CIS countries, which would like to become representatives of Rekkon in the CIS. Requests are accepted in our by fax.

Rekkon: Tel./ Fax in Budapest (36-1) 319 4120, mobile phone (36-20) 252 820.

House with a residence permit and on Danube

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