House-van and best places in the UK for a trip to it

House-van (or Avtod, caravan) This is what gives freedom to meet the endless road, and anyone who loves the countryside must fully take advantage of such an opportunity. Travel with a house-van – It is always your convenience and beautiful views at hand. But this is not all the reasons why you should get a house on wheels.

It will be possible to get closer with nature, saving at the same time a budget, and stop anywhere holding a travel pace.

Loch Lomond

If there is an idea to visit Scotland, then Loch Lomond Beautiful place worth to visit. In the environment of water and fascinating landscapes you can be alone with you and your thoughts. Hotel Cashel on Loch Lomond – This is an outdoor caravan and camping with panoramic views of the hilly countryside and stone cottages of an ancient village Lussa. This place is part of the National Park Thross.

Lake District

Near the lakes full of breathtaking attractions and what you can do here. There are a lot of walking routes for those who love mountaineering and even for those who accidentally entered the outdoor walk. WASTWATER – This is a great place to stay near Lakes, as you can easily get to Keswick and other neighborhoods. In the local cities there are many local shops and a sophisticated cafe to drink coffee after walking around the lake. But you can say with confidence that no matter where you stop in Lake edge, You will enjoy stunning species all the time stay.

Western Cornwall

Cornwall – Another exciting place where it is worth going, and if you are lucky with the weather, it will be even better. The beaches in Cornwall are beautiful, and there is something to do. From surfing to hiking Western Cornwalls is a popular caravan destination, where you can go a couple, with friends and all families. If you decide to explore Cornwall, go to Park Polmanter Touring, With stunning coast view.

House-van and best places in the UK for a trip to it

Coast Antrimee

If you want to go abroad in your van, then Coast Antrim v Northern Ireland – fabulous place for the house on the wheels. If you want to take your caravan on the trip, the coast Dama Causeway – one of the best routes you can choose. In the end, in 1988, it was designated as a place of amazing natural beauty for a reasonable reason. While you will be there, you must also visit Dambe Giant Giant’s Causeway, Where you can see 40,000 interrelated basalt columns that appeared as a result of an ancient volcanic crack eruption.

Yorkshire valleys

V Yorkshire valleys not only magnificent landscapes, but also nearby is it myself York, where there is a lot of interesting things. In York, many museums, art galleries, restaurants and attractions, both adults and young people. If you want a little fun, intertwined with a story, why not take part in the night walk of ghosts in the city or visit York dungeon? And after York, go to any of the valleys where special venisory specialties are equipped among virgin nature.

House-van and best places in the UK for a trip to it

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