House overlooking Prague Castle

At the time when everyone dream of a summer vacation, the sea and coastal sand, the far-sighted people will foresee the new commercial commerce and begin to prepare for him in advance. And what can ensure a successful business abroad? This is, first of all, the possibility of unhindered visa-free entry into the country of doing business, which allows permanent control over business activities with minimal time loss, and the availability of a place where you can easily live and relax.

Czech Republic – it is the country that can provide ideal conditions for both successful business and a wonderful rest. Become a real estate owner here and the Moscow office of the Czech company offers its own business "Real City".

For business and accommodation in the Czech Republic, you need to get a residence permit. Application for its receipt can be submitted by registering the company and prepare all the necessary documents. It will be necessary to solve this issue from two to three months. During this time, you have the right to purchase real estate – an apartment or a house, office space (which gives additional chances of a positive decision on the provision of a residence permit). After 3 years of stay in the Czech Republic, you have the right to submit a petition for obtaining permanent residence. And, as a rule, if you are a law-abiding citizen, there will be no failure.

Property prices in Prague depend on the category of the house, city district and a number of other reasons. The cost of 1 kV. M housing ranges on average ranging from $ 700 to $ 1.300. In the provinces – from $ 500 to $ 700. All apartments have an extra utility room on the first floor, a garage or a car parking space.

If you prefer to have a separate house on your land plot, it will cost somewhat more expensive (first of all, at the expense of the value of the land plot). In Prague, you can still buy land at $ 70 per square meter. M. But by the end of November, the government plans to raise land prices in the capital almost twice.

House overlooking Prague Castle

In the suburbs and provinces, again, everything is much cheaper. 40-50 km from Prague you can buy an apartment for $ 30.000 and admire from the window to the sparkling mountain river surrounded by the forest. It is also worth noting that with the difference in the price of real estate in the capital and provincial cities, the standard of living everywhere is equally high.

The rent in Prague on average does not exceed $ 100 per month, including electricity costs, water, garbage cleaning and T. NS. Food costs for a family of 3-4 people – $$ 200-300. And if after a busy working day you wanted to visit a decent restaurant, then dinner for two "According to the full program" will cost approximately 1.500 crowns (approximately $ 55).

Current and future owners of real estate in the Czech Republic Export and import department of the company "Real City" In Prague, it may be selected by their type of business. If you have your ideas about this, the company will assist in their implementation. Representation of the Czech company "Real City" In Moscow will help visit Prague, see everything with its own eyes and take the right decision.

House overlooking Prague Castle

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