House on wheels for travel

It is planned to go on vacation with family, with friends or business long trip for several cities in Europe? What is needed for travel? Of course wheels and convenience! What is suitable which car? Most optimal &# 8211; not a car, but a real house on wheels! For all the time the trip will not need to be indifferent to unpack the suitcase, at any time you find the needle on the shelf of the cabinet or bedside tables, just do not forget to take the dishes and bed linen.

Autodom &# 8211; the car is also a trailer where there is all the most necessary &# 8211; Bedroom and kitchen, Toilet and shower. Autodomom control does not differ from automatic control. Full autonomy is guaranteed to three days, after which it is necessary to connect to the sources of electricity, replenish the supply of water, clean the dry. Europe for Europe, it is carried out without problems.

On the roads of European countries are actively moving in houses on wheels, crossing the borders on their own or leased. Enough to take a visa to one of the Schengen countries, and an unhindered path is open to almost anywhere in Europe. Only one should take into account that most roads &# 8211; paid, for example, almost everything in Italy, Spain and France.

House on wheels for travel

For those who have a long trip, it is better to periodically stop in campsites, where there are equipped platforms, the necessary service, and in some five-star even pools. When hiring Avtomoma, the company usually provides a catalog of campgrounds with prices for their services, In addition, introduces a description of the routes, the place of parking on them, and also informs about cultural, historical and natural attractions that may be in the vicinity. If the landscape was attracted and decided to swell among natural beauty, the absence of a nearby sign forbidding the sign automatically permits the parking lot, if the law of this state does not prohibit.

For those who do not like privacy and prefers to spend the night among modern civilization, it will be satisfied with the established campgrounds, especially since the costs are relatively inexpensive. For example, two adults on vacation in a campsite in Italy near the picturesque lake or near the sea will spend about 20-30 euros, and in Austria or Germany will leave two times less, a little more than ten euros.
So, a happy path in the house on wheels!

House on wheels for travel

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