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The state of Kerala has many different from the other 27 Indian states – it peacefully adjacent to the ancient Indian, Arab, Chinese, Jewish, Colonial Portuguese and Danish traditions. In the staff of the dry law, but not very strict. In hotel restaurants and bars, alcohol sold out completely open and officially (in many city stores, too, but dubious quality, so alcohol is better to take with you).


This is a seaside city, a former major port and an important transshipment point in spices trade. Old Town – Fort Kochin – is located on the island connected to the mainland bridges. It is here that it is worthwhile for some time in one of the many small family hotels equipped in re-equipped Portuguese villas. Walk through the quiet shady streets among old Portuguese houses with tiled roofs and snow-white Catholic churches drowning in bright tropical vegetation, be sure to look at the fish market and for funny money to buy just caught Sybas, Dorada, Sharul, Blue Marlin or Lobster. Prepare them immediately, in one of the numerous restaurants on the shore. Having a snack, you can go for a walk through the old Jewish quarter of Kochin – the center of trade in spices. Over the past five hundred years, little has changed here, except for the Jews almost left. Old Kochin is saturated with chili smells, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric. And from the once big and influential Jewish community, the synagogue of 1568 remained (the oldest in India) with delicious sole floor. In the winding streets of the Jewish quarter, countless antique shops and shops – Kerala is famous for its wooden sculpture. Going among the dusty shelves, to lay on vintage cabinets, screen, tables made from ancient massive doors of mahogany, chest chests, sculpture of gods and statues of the Virgin Mary – great pleasure.

Inland waters

100 kilometers from Kochina is a small town of allappuja (allepping), built on canals and surrounded by palm trees. Get there the easiest way to taxi (approximately 1000 rupees or $ 23). From this cute shopping town a cruise on the lagoons of Kerala starts. But before you go swimming, you need to choose a ship. Do not throw up the first boat. Quietly walk along the long promenade, inspect everything and do not forget to bargain – the price can be reset several times.

The boat has a massive wooden frame and an easy semicircular bamboo roof. They differ in size: large – from two cabins on four to giants for 8-10 cabins and small with rows of chairs on the second deck for daytime walks. The boats have toilets, in spacious and clean cabins, there are usually air conditioning. Prices vary as well as the quality of the boat themselves. 24-hour journey for two will cost 6000 rupees.

And now you are slowly sailing along the quiet channels, eat tiger shrimps and carry vegetables, cooked by the cook right on the boat; Nightwide on the water under the starry sky. By the way, at night on the river many mosquitoes. Over the bed there is a mosquito net, but if you decide to sit in a rocking chair on the deck, better stock repellent. If you do not want to spend the night of a boat, you can restrict ourselves to a two-hour excursion on nearby boards and lagunas. Fishing lovers have stops.

From January to mid-March, the average air temperature on the coast of Kerala + 350s (at the end of March almost 400C). Water degrees on 10 colder. Travelers who boring on the service and comfort should be stopped at one of the five-star resorts. Most of all for this fitted and civilized Kovalam Beach. Well, the main place of rest of all "wild" tourists and "backporks", open hippie in the 1970s – this is Varkala, a beautiful yellow sand beach. A rather big cliff rises above it, numerous hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are located on it. Many lovers and regulars of these places prefer not to book rooms in advance, but in the place in place to settle in Guesthouses for five dollars a day. Service there is minimal, the rooms are very simple, but clean. At the resorts of Kerala, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to do yoga (several schools are presented at each resort).

Useful information

Get to Kochin

Qatar Airways landing in g. Doha (twice a week) – 26,000 rubles.
Emirates landing in g. Dubai (4 times a week) – 28 000 USD
"Aeroflot" Moscow – Mumbai (Bombay) (4 times a week) – 18 000 USD

Next transplantation to local airlines:

Indian Airlines or Air Sahara, Flight Mumbai – Kochin: Approximately 8300 rupees (about $ 200) and back
Air Deccan (budget airlines), flight Mumbai – Kochin: 824 rupees in one direction (approximately 20 dollars)

Where to live in cochin

Rossitta Wood Castle – Spacious rooms with all amenities trimmed by wood. Courtyard in the courtyard.
Rose Street, bodies. +91 484 221 56 71.
Rooms: 800-1500 rupees

Malabar House – One of the best hotels, very stylish design. There is a pool.
Parade Ground Rd,
tel. +91 484 221 66 66.
Rooms: $ 8-150, [email&# 160; Protected]

A budget option

Hamdale Inn. – Home atmosphere. Small rooms. There is a common living room. Guesthouse contains a very cute family,
tel. +91 484 221 78 09,
[email&# 160; Protected]

Where to eat

Right behind the fish market where you can buy fresh fish and seafood (50-300 rupees per kg), there are several restaurants in the open air on the square. In any of them will prepare and serve your fish and even pour beer from under the floors, in a tea glass.

Taxi in Kochin

Anthony. [email&# 160; Protected] – on request meets at the airport, can arrange a tour throughout Kerala,
tel. +91 938 795 74 15; +91 944 746 01 99; +91 484 232 8301

Where to live in Varkal

House on the boat

Hotels on the Rock near the shore are a little more. Cheap Guesthouses in the depths, in a palm grove. Some seats are not even name, focus on signs on the street.

Kerala bamboo house, bodies. +91 989 527 09 93; Bamboo huts for 500 rupees. New houses with a very pleasant interior of an antique tree and painted bamboo.

Taj Garden Retreat. Near Government Guest House.Varkala – 695 141

Trivandrum kerala, bodies. (91 470) 260 30 00, fax: (91 470) 260 22 96,
[email&# 160; Protected]

Taxi in Varkal

Valsan, tel. +91 989 580 74 39

Where to eat in Varkal

Kerala Coffee House – the brightest and fun place on the rock, decorated with multicolored lanterns. In the menu – Alcoholic Cocktails. Serve young and sociable waiters.

Funky Art Cafe – a place with "hippov" interior. At night, parties are arranged.

Where to live in Kovalam

TAJ GREEN COVE RESORT G. V. Raja Vattapara Road;
E-mail: [email&# 160; Protected]

Kovalam Trivandrum, Kerala
tel.: 91 471 248 7733
E-mail: [email&# 160; Protected]

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