How to rent a house on Phuket?

I am often asked about inexpensive homes in Thailand. How much is the house? How to find? And how to shoot? In this article I will try to answer these questions as much as possible, I will give a detailed plan for renting houses on Phuket and I will describe all pitfalls. You will learn all ways to rent an apartment or a house on Phuket for a long and not very time.

The cost of houses and villas on Phuket depends on your requests, location, distance from the sea, the number of bedrooms, the presence of furniture, air conditioners and the age of leased housing. On Phuket, the cost of houses varies from 10,000 baht per month to 200 thousand baht per day. For example, a small one-bedroom house without a living room for 10,000 baht will stand in a village, or in Thai in Mubane, without protecting fifteen minutes away from the sea, from furniture to have only the necessary minimum: bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, and possibly , television. The kitchen will not be equipped, so the refrigerator and stove you will have to buy yourself.

Highlights on the configuration of the house, which you need to pay attention and which always affect the cost.

1. Number and size of bedrooms. Formula is clear to everyone: the amount of bedrooms increases cost, but, consider that it is barely to squeeze in all three bedrooms between the closet and the bed is not very convenient. Therefore, a house with two spacious bedrooms for 15 thousand baht will be better than a house with three small.

2. The presence of furniture in the rooms. If your budget for a month is 15 thousand baht, and you plan to live at least six months, it is more reasonable to find good options for houses for 10 thousand baht, to buy minimum furniture, retaining checks. In some cases, the hosts can be agreed, leaving the furniture in the house with a testament for rent counting. Thus, an inexpensive new sofa will save you a third rental cost per month.

3. Availability of air conditioners in bedrooms. In any house, there must be at least one air conditioner. It is usually located in the bedroom. In homes with several bedrooms, the ideal option is considered to be the availability of air conditioning in each bedroom. In the living room, air conditioning is usually replaced by fans.

4. Kitchen equipment. Refrigerator and stove – some basic parameters in the selection of the house. Sometimes the owners say that they have a kitchen in the house. In fact it turns out that they consider the kitchen to be a sink and a couple of suspension lockers.

5. Internet and phone. Required condition. Although if you do not use the benefits of civilization, it is not necessary.

6. Fishechki. Various utility and pleasantness that allows you to brighten leisure long winter evenings: a small courtyard with a pallets, a brazier, a cozy gazebo, stylish new furniture, a TV with an LCD screen, a gym, or a pool in Muban.

7. Protection of the village. Better if she is. Cases of theft in homes happen much more often than in the apartment. Usually, at all entrances to the Muban there are barriers and guards who ask what house you are heading.

Search for houses for rent Heavy and long-term process. So as not to pull the cat per tail, you need to clearly know the details of the house of your dreams. Then contact agency or search yourself.

1. Real estate agencies on Phuket a lot. There are our firms with which you can write off from abroad, and they will pick you the villa. The advantages of such agencies are that housing will be new, high-quality, with good furniture, in the immediate vicinity of the sea, with security and other privileges, in addition, you will be provided with agency support for the entire lease term. Thai agencies offer houses of private owners. This option is possible only if you are on Phuket. Any house of such agencies must be carefully studied. The price of the issue of rent from our-speaking and Thai real estate agencies begins from 25,000 baht.

House on Phuket - How to rent accommodation, nuances, prices, reviews Guide in Thailand

2. Private advertisements for rental property can be found in weekly newspapers. In addition to houses and villas, you can find advertisements for rent apartments and condominiums. Accommodation in the newspaper begins from 10 thousand baht, there are quite interesting options.

3. Private housing, ranging from a small house, ending with a luxurious villa, you will find on the site airbnb. It is very convenient that you can immediately talk to the owner and discuss all the nuances. Read more about how to rent an apartment or a house through the service airbnb.

4. If you have a period of two weeks before the month in search of real estate in Phuket, I recommend to part yourself on your own items where you want to stay. Bindings to the terrain can be the proximity of the beach, shopping centers, place of work or school, where your child will learn. On homes that rent hang plates "For rent" With the owner’s telephone. Call, agree on watching at home, make a decision – everything is simple.

For the cost of renting houses on Phuket, not only the convenient interior, but also the term of your stay is influenced. For example, the price per month, subject to the residence of three months there will be more than annual rental. If you are ready to pay the whole amount right away, it makes sense to bargain a little. Conducting a lease agreement, carefully read it.

  1. Upon any period of stay, deposit is taken in the amount of payment in one or two months.
  2. Violation of the terms of the contract or its premature termination may threaten the fact that the deposit will not be returned.
  3. Carefully read that you will pay over lease. In some homes, bills, water, internet, telephone, cleaning or garbage collection are coming separately.

Rent of inexpensive houses in Phuket implies the cost of your strength and time. If you decide to remove the property yourself, without resorting to the help of agencies, come to Phuket, book a hotel or guesthouse for a couple of days and, taking a motorbike or car for rent, drive all the necessary villages. There is nothing difficult in it. Good luck!

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