House of Winchesters – one of the most sinister houses in the USA

In the US state of California in the town of San Jose, there is one of the most sinister houses of the United States, and part-time Extravagant tourist attraction – Winchester House (Winchester Mystery House).

This house was purchased in 1884 by Sarah Winchester, the sow of the famous Oliver Winchester, the inventor of the Winchester rifle.

She acquired him on the advice of his medium, who reported that all the troubles fell on her – the death of her husband and the only daughter soon after birth, they were connected with the fact that their family is cursed by the rifles created by Oliver, her husband’s father. This was informed about this to the medium, he said the spirit of the late husband, with whom he came to contact.

The spirit of her husband also said that in order to avoid further problems in the future, Sarah should build a special house in which evil spirits will not be able to harm her.

In general, following the Council of the late husband, more precisely, the medium, a woman and acquired this house on the west coast. True, then he was much smaller than you can see it now in the photo.

Being a very wealthy widow, Sarah has invested all his multi-million fortune in his restructuring and as many as 38 years of life – the construction of the house of Winchesters during these years almost never stopped for more than a day.

House of Winchesters - one of the most sinister houses in the USA

At the same time, she rebuilt him on its own plans, so that her spirits puzzled in his labyrinths. As a result, there are a lot of dead-end doors opening in the walls or outward on the upper floors, and stairs that rest in the ceilings. Corridors are almost everywhere very narrow, and in many walls there are secret windows.

Before the earthquake of 1906, her house reached 6 floors, but after it 3 upper floors collapsed. The owner did not stop, the work continued, however, no longer height, and the house housed to our days three days.

Currently, in the famous Winchester house there are almost 160 rooms, 6 kitchens, 13 bathrooms and about 40 stairs. In the building of nearly 450 doorways and about 2,000 doors, as well as about 10 thousand windows, almost fifty fireplaces and one shower.

In 2009, the horror film "Ghosts of the Winchesian House" was filmed in this sinister house.

House of Winchesters - one of the most sinister houses in the USA

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