House of the Virgin Mary

House of the Virgin Mary &# 8212; Place on nightingale grief, near Ephesus. Tiny Stone House, near which a large tree spread out with a huge hollow, and in the air there is an aroma of needles mixed with the smell of olive trees. It is here, according to legend, Verva Maria was held his last years – the mother of Jesus Christ.

The house in which Virgo Maria settled, hiding from the Roman authorities. PHOTO CREDIT: Roger Smith, Flickr

Tree with a large picturesque hollow next to the house of St. Mary. Photo Credit: Lenpau0988, Flickr

House of the Virgin Mary &# 8212; a special atmosphere

Near the Virgin Mary’s house do not want to talk. Despite the large number of people come here, it is quiet and calm. Imagination draws scenes from the life of a woman who, together with the first Christians and the Apostle, John, a faithful student of her son, is hiding in the mountains of Malaya Asia from the persecution of the Roman authorities.

Saint Mary’s house. Photo Credit: Hans Travel, Flickr

Next to the house is the statue of St. Mary. Photo Credit: Jane Air, Flickr

Vision nuns

The house of the Virgin Mary was discovered only in the 19th century. Story says that one deadly sick nun Anna Katerina Emmerik, which the church ranked after death to the facility of the blissful, often saw religious visions. The visions of the Emmerik were recorded and published by a book, which once came across the eye to the servant of the Church, who became interested in the part of the visions, where Anna saw the Virgin Mary in a small house on the nightingale grief.

So the search for the house of the Virgin Mary began, during which it turned out that healing sources were located near the house, the centuries were protected and revered by residents of the surroundings. Sources near the house of the Virgin Mary are valid today.

House of Virgin Mary, Turkey. Photo Credit: yydb (yao bao), Flickr

House of St. Mary from the inside. Photo Credit: Yapingq, Flickr

Healing sources, the house of the Virgin Mary. Photo Credit: Xinxian Teoh, Flickr

House of the Virgin Mary

Miraculous power

Women come here to ask Virgin Mary about motherhood. And everyone who has a cherished desire can write it on a scarf, ribbon or napkin and leave on the wall of desires near the house.

Wall from which you can leave notes with a cherished desire. Photo Credit: Patrick Bayens, Flickr

A few years ago, all Turkey spoke about this miraculous place. The nightingale mountain was covered by the fire, burned all around, and the house of the Virgin Mary and the territory adjacent to it remained peacefully on top of the mountain, completely untouched by fire ..

Next to the house of Virgin Mary Photo Credit: The Jaundiced Eye, Flickr

Stands for candles. Photo Credit: Mehmet Yöntemlİ, Flickr

To visit the house of the Virgin Mary, the hotel is convenient for the town of Selchuk. Go to it stands early in the morning or after lunch, bypassing the time when the tourist stream comes here. Or come here as part of an excursion to Ephesus starting off the coast.

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