House of Soviets – the best observation deck in Kaliningrad

Kaliningradsky House of Soviets , At first glance, not the landmark that you would like to see in the old German city. But this is only at first glance.

What is interesting in the House of Soviets

In this building it is interesting for its height. House of Soviets &# 8212; The best observation deck in Kaliningrad. This is a high-rise building in the center of the city, from which everything is visible, including the foundation of the Königsberg castle, on which now excavation and from the ground level is not visible due to the fence.

By itself, the building is not particularly interesting &# 8212; All in launch.

Inside only garbage and broken windows. Understandable thing no electricity and even more lifts there is no. Top will have to climb walking abdication.

It should be climbed here. It is much more interesting here than on the lighthouse in the fish village. From the roof of the House of Soviets, the entire Kaliningrad is visible.

How to get inside

Officially – in any way.

Z Denmark is obscured by a fence, several dogs running around the territory. So trying to get through the fence I do not advise. From the side of the area there is a wicket at the gate, followed by the guard on duty. Go to him and negotiate. For 150-200 rubles they miss all. You will be ash inside, spend before the stairs and open the door. Surprisingly, when you are accompanied by a security guard as if you do not see you. But still knock on the gate, they are ready to demolish them.

Remember that at the House of Soviets you need to be as cautious. Officially there is no, and no one is responsible for. Inside the open mines, broken windows, construction garbage and other charm of abandoned buildings. Look under the feet.

History of the House of Soviets

There is a common misconception that the House of Soviets stands on the site of the former Konigsberg castle. This is not true. From the former wall of the castle to the house of tips 12 meters. The foundation of the lock is hidden by sidewalks of the square. More precisely no longer hidden, now there is an excavation.

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Building the House of Soviets began in the 1970s and formally, they still did not finish, although now it is no longer built. It is said that by the time of the collapse of the USSR, the building was almost ready and even started internal finish. After restructuring, construction stopped, and attempts to find an investor to complete the building did not lead to anything.

Modern view of the House of Soviets received in 2005. To the celebration of the 750th anniversary of Kaliningrad it painted it and put all the windows. Further fate of the building is now hanging in the air. Many believe that it needs to be demolished and restored Konigsberg Palace. There are suggestions to give it to temporary housing. But while the board of tips is in running.

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Demise House of Soviets in Kaliningrad or not &# 8212; It is not known, it may not like it or on the contrary &# 8212; does not matter. I can say for sure that you need to climb the roof of this building. Whatever it is, now &# 8212; This is part of Kaliningrad, which opens this city with a very interesting angle.

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House of Soviets - the best observation deck in Kaliningrad

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