House of Slaves

In the past, the African country Senegal was the center of the slave trade. Mount Island two kilometers from her capital served as a prison for captives in anticipation of further sale. Through this small bit of land, according to historians estimates, several million slaves have passed. Today, only a thousand inhabitants lives here, there are no modern buildings and cars, and the main attraction is considered House of Slaves.

Such houses where people contained as cattle was about thirty. The very first of them turned into a museum, reminiscent of the shameful and terrible pages of the history of mankind. This two-storey red building was once full cells of 2.5 square meters in size, in which 10-15 Africans were sitting. In such conditions, they spent up to three months until buyers took them. The gentlemen stood on the balcony during the bid, considering slaves and calling their price. On the first floor was "Door non-return" – Thorn me dark-skinned to ships and brought through the Atlantic Ocean.

House of Slaves

The island also preserved colonial villas, soldier barracks and powerful streets with original architecture. You can get here on the ferry from the naval area of ​​Dakar, they run once per hour. A ticket in both directions will cost you about ten dollars, the trip will take less than half an hour.

House of Slaves

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