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Our hotel was located 6 km from the nearest coastal town of Castiglion Della Pescaia (Castiglione Della Pescaia). Exploring all the surroundings around the hotel and its beaches, it was decided to translate rest to the active stage. Bicycles are rented, cameras are charged. Forward.

In each self-respecting, the city should be a fortress, and Castelianly della Pescayy did not exception. In the very fortress, they could not get, so it is private property, but also the study of its surroundings and streets, fully rewarded us for bikes under the Tuscan Sun.

Fans of outdoor activities and research of old cities with their streets, houses will be fully rewarded. There are all – narrow streets, with picturesque buildings, lifts, descents, fortress walls. From the windows from above you will definitely be lazy to observe the cat, I pretend to be that you are absolutely uninteresting to her and she has a lot of important cat affairs.

Tired of leisurely walking on the streets, you must certainly go into numerous shops to ask the challenges, to bargain, buy a bauble even if it is not particularly necessary for you. Sit in the restaurant on the street, walk on the local exchange rate along the sea.

House of red hats -, Italy Blogs and travel notes tourists on tourist

And where is the house of red hats? Yes here he . Only here is interesting, the red hat has already returned from the grandmother or only collects his basket with patties? 🙂

It would seem all coastal towns like each other. But if you leave the central street and deepen in the old quarters, you can see a lot of interesting things and unusual, to plunge into a local leisurely life. Get acquainted with the inhabitants. And see their own, not glossy, but such a living, in my case – Tuscany.

House of red hats -, Italy Blogs and travel notes tourists on tourist

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