House of Lake

The main attraction of Finland, or paradoxical, water. It is not even not about the most picturesque schoras of the combat or Finnish bay. Wealth Suomi are thousands of small and large lakes, rivers and rivers scattered throughout the country. From around the world tourists flock on their shores to be alone with nature. Golden trout, white mushrooms, cloudberries, cottage, sauna, fireplace.

Numerous campgrounds and cottages, let us hide, usually in forest arrays on the shores of the lakes, which creates peacekeeper and makes it possible to merge with the surrounding nature. Depending on the size of the size of the weekly rental house costs from 100 to 1500 dollars. Of course, no one feels cut off from the outside world – the causing to the city, given the developed transport infrastructure, will not be difficult. But it is in such places – a paradise for fans of water sports, fishing and hunting. By the way, in the summer, the water temperature in the lakes 20-24 degrees, to the sea – somewhat colder, but you can bathe.

If on the hunt in Finland, like, in fact, both in any other country, it is better to go organized, and the prices bite, then fishing is available to any tourist. For a license, it is necessary to pay only on state lakes, and such a minority. Yes, it costs it is a very symbolic amount from 3 to 16 dollars. And it can be used even on a gas station. Spinning, tackle and the more boat with you do not need to drag. Boat – a home affiliation. Everything else is also available on site. And fish is caught and big and small almost everywhere. Summer, perch, pike, Sig and Tymen become easy prey. Fans of sea fishing are waiting for specially equipped vessels. Such a walk costs 50-100 dollars per person for a whole day. It is noteworthy that all boats are equipped with super-modern echo sounds, which gives a very good chance of a rich catch. Herring generally pecks on an empty hook, and those on a self-atmosphere at least five. If you are lucky, you can catch salmon, of course, to another tackle, and you need to know. But in case of good luck, you can prepare the pride of Finnish national cuisine – pickled (without vinegar) and dried salmon (Graavi Lohi) or salmon soup (Lohikeitto). If the cooking is not in the lads – these dishes should be tried in any restaurant. By the way, seafood make up the basis of Finnish cuisine. Even from a simple herring Finns manage to do a salad, which is considered a corporate dish. I do not like the fish – try Lapland roar meat.

To drink all this nicely known FINNLANDIA vodka, and who knows her too well in Russia, can try liqueurs that have the taste of cloudberries and cranberries – the taste of all Finnish nature. Oddly enough, but Suomie is famous for both their wines. Of course, grapes in local relatively harsh conditions are not growing, but white wines are made from berries and fruits.

We must not forget about the sauna. Of course, some "Patriots" will prove the advantages of the our bath, but everything has its own charms. In any case, visit one of almost 2 million saunas (and this is five million in the population) is simply necessary. By the way, it can be treated with a broom, preferably eucalyptus. The temperature in the Finnish bath, as a rule, does not exceed 80 – 100 degrees. Inquisitive scientists were calculated that this temperature was beneficial to the human body. In general, Finns are convinced that the house without sauna is not a house. So the symbol of the country of Suomi can be found everywhere: even in a forest house on the shore of the lake, where it is pleasant to plunge after the steam.

House of Lake

"Cult sauna" So developed in Finland, that competitions are periodically arranged: who will promote longer in the steam? True, the recent Finnish records are about 14 minutes for women and more than 20 for men – it is unlikely to make admire of our lovers "Light para". In general, this "kind of sport" You can compare unless with such Finnish national fun, like throwing the boots and murder of mosquitoes.

"Tired" from nature, it is quite possible to commit and travel around cities and water. Naturally, it is impossible to forget the capital of Helsinki. This year, the city will be 450 years old. The Finns themselves compare it with "Perezried tomato, which almost burst", – Almost a million inhabitants live in it. Each weekend most of them takes the cars and starts for the city, in "Forest Finland". On their own "Dumart sites" They are engaged in the same dackets in Russia: something is put in order, fruits and vegetables grow. And directly rest comes down to fishing and seat in the sauna. And so while the metropolitan Finns communicate with nature, tourists can calmly observe Helsinki, where there is something to see from the point of view of architecture and museums. By the way, this year the capital of Suomi is declared "Capital of European culture".

Historical sights of Turku, Naantali also deserve attention. But in Tampere there is the only museum of espionage in Scandinavia. He peacefully neighing with another remarkable museum dedicated to Vladimir Lenin. Perhaps this exposition remained the only one in the far abroad. Finns believe that they are obliged to be their state independence in this person. Probably, they really have something to thank the leader of the world proletariat.

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