"House of Fairy Tale" in Svetlogorsk

Kaliningrad region, in the past Prussia, presented the world two legendary names – the German philosopher of Immanuel Kant and the writer-storyguard Ernst Theodore Hoffman. Yes, yes, it was in Konigsberg that was born and lived by the author of the most popular Christmas fairy tales in the world "Nutcracker".

Hotel Fairy Talencut Hotel is located in a pine forest in the center of Svetlogorsk, in a beautiful and romantic building in the style of Fakhverk. Everything in it reminds about the German past of this small piece of Russia. The hotel’s interior is decorated based on the fairy tales of the Hoffman, so it is called – "The House of the Fairy Tale".

Near the hotel there is a garden with wooden sculptures – "Gofman Polyana Fairy Tales". Who only not. And Cat Murr, and the baby Tsakhas, and, of course, the Nutcracker paired with the mouse king. If you are a connoisseur of Creativeness of Hoffman, you will find here characters of all his works. And if someone did not find, write in the comments.

There is a monument to Hofman. Not easy. It depicts not one, but as many as two hoffs and reflects the dual nature of the writer. One is good-bought burgger, the second is the rebellious and creative personality of literary genius. Not far in the same toy-fabulous style Mockup of Old Koenigsberg. Cities where born and spent the days of his youth of Hoffman. The author of the monument РSculptor Sergey Usachev. He is also the author of Königsberg layout.

Monument to Hoffman near the hotel building

"House of Fairy Tale" – this is not some kind of super-luxury hotel. Numbers in it are simply furnished, but they have everything you need. They are pretty spacious (double "comfort" size of 50 sq. M). And what is the view from the window! Real Gofman Fairy Forest. Prices are quite on the pocket of the usual tourist.

Only in high season the hotel is always scored, the places in it are booking strongly in advance. Who do not want to live at least a little in the atmosphere of the wonderful gofman fairy tales?

This hotel is a tribute to the memory of the great writer-storyteller and mysticism, the native of these places.

House of Fairy Tale
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A little about the history of the house:

The building in which the hotel is now built in the 20s of the last century. In it, once there was a hunting house Karl von Streng – Burgomistra Rausten (so was called Svetlogorsk). In the Soviet period there was one of the buildings of the military sanatorium.

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