House of disabled

One of the most mysterious monuments of French culture is the house of persons with disabilities. Being built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries on the project of Louis 14, the walls of the building were designed to serve as a refuge for unsuitable, mutilated and victims of soldiers.

On the days of their prosperity, the shelter accommodated up to 4000 guests. Former servicemen submitted to the internal rules and sewed shoes, clothing, and also manufactured household items in order to combat laziness. Only those soldiers who gave the royal army over 20 years of their lives fell into the house building. But, gradually, the number of soldiers living in the shelter has decreased every year, and over time, the house of persons with disabilities has acquired cultural and historical importance.

House of Disabled Paris Attractions Paris Travel Guide

Building architecture – a unique example of the era of classicism with elegant bas-reliefs, strict columns, right forms. The building of the disabled house serves as an eternal refuge for many famous and once served by their homeland of the military, including for the Great Napoleon Bonaparte. Now there are several museums that keep a collection of urban layouts, exhibits dedicated to military topics, as well as paintings, postcards and photos.

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