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The House of Crafts, located in the municipality of Apiai was opened in 2003 to familiarize tourists with ethnoculture and crafts of the region. This is a kind of museum–The market in which there are permanent exhibitions, as well as products created by modern masters – Among them, exclusive jewelry, clothing, cloth, and, of course, dishes. Visitors can purchase decorative products from clay, straw and Rhoze, buy local products in the form of jams and liqueurs, pass a free master–Class of pottery.

House of Crafts Attractions San Paulo Travel Guide

The main proportion of the exposition occupies 570 objects from ceramics, which are made in the form of animal figures and people. Also here are presented various household items from ceramics – Urns, pots and jugs of various shapes and sizes. A unique collection of houses of crafts attracts quite a lot of tourists, researchers and professionals from the world of ceramics. In addition to the collections of the house, the crafts are interesting and the building in which this cultural institution is posted. The structure was built at the beginning of the XX century, has a wide facade with windows and high ceilings. Previously, the house was the residence of Professor Antonio Baptist, as well as the shelter of the wounded soldiers during the 1930 revolution.

House of Crafts Attractions San Paulo Travel Guide

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