Ernest Hemingway House Museum

Ernest Hemingway House Museum Located in the suburbs of Havana and is located in the estate of the famous writer «La Vicia». In him, Ernest Hemingway lived from 1939 to his death in 1961.

Not so long ago, the estate was renovated and reopened its doors for lovers of writer’s creativity. In the House-Museum of Hemingway, the situation in which the writer lived. In the estate there is a tower with which Hemingway loved to watch the night sky, behind the stars. Also here you can see the yacht belonging to Hemingway «Pilar». On it he often went out into the open sea and hunted fish. Most of all he loved to hunt the fish-needle.

House-Museum of Ernest Hemingway Attractions Havana Travel Guide

The same plants, flowers, trees that grew here in the life of Hemingway are now in the estate. House-Museum of Ernest Hemingway contains a meeting of many of his works. Works are carried out on their digitization. Here you can see copies of the documents of themelist, for example, copies of his passports, driver’s license, as well as personal letters.

The House Museum of Ernest Hemingway also keeps his hunting rifles, trophies. Photos of the writer and many other exhibits are collected here, reflecting the lives of the Great American Novelist writer Ernest Hemingway.

House-Museum of Ernest Hemingway Attractions Havana Travel Guide

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