House-Museum Henri Matisse in Nice

In Nice on one of the hills, the Symode near the ancient Roman ruins in the Genoese mansion of the 17th century was located the Mattis Museum. The building presents the work of the artist from the first work "Nature who died in books" to the last composition "Flowers and fruits". In the exhibitions traced the search for the path of the Creator, his finds in working with color. The graphic works of Matisse are located in a separate hall. Almost all sculptural creations of painter are presented in the collection of this museum.

Not only the works of Matisse became the decoration of the museum. Addition to the knowledge of the depth of thinking and scope of the Fantasy Fantasy of the Creative Personality Steel Books Illustrated by the artist, silk-screen printing, tapestries, products from ceramics, stained glass, photos, personal belongings, documents.

Nice became the place of residence of the artist. Four dozen years he enjoyed her beauty and atmosphere. Here he left his soul and body: the master of colors is buried in the cemetery near the monastery Simeiz.

Bold experiments with color, paper, clay, ceramics and other materials made Henri Matisse Great Genius with a bright creative self-expression.

Do not go to the museum "For the Talk". If you appreciate painting, honor the talent of her bright representatives (and Matisse enters their number), you want to understand and understand the work of avant-gardeists, then boldly book an excursion to the Matisse House Museum.

How to go to visit to the famous painter (how to get to the museum)

From the center of Nice buses No. 15, 17, 20, 22 or 25 reach the stop "ARENES" or "PRE CATALAN". Going out at the desired stop, you will find yourself at the entrance to the park "Arena Symode". Keep a landmark on the ruins of the ancient Roman period. In the heart of the park, Matisse Museum is located. Do not notice a beautiful three-storey renovated color of the ocher color is impossible.

Touch the beautiful you can free (prices for tickets and excursions)

You can visit the Museum of the famous painter for free, but for excursion services you have to lay out money. Adult group visits will cost 80 euros, schoolchildren will cost a tour of 20 euros.

Master’s work is waiting for you (hours of operation of the museum)

The museum accepts visitors every day, except Tuesday and holidays (December 25, January 1, May 1, Easter Sunday), from 10:00 to 18:00.

It is possible to order a guide excursion. Then visit the sights will take place at 15:30 in one day of the week, except Tuesday and Weekend.

Time for the eternal creations of Matisse (how much time plan)

Excursion with a guide to the museum will take no more than 3 hours of your time. Visiting Matissa’s house alone, you can calculate the time of your stay among the works of the artist.

We advise, since you were on the hill Symode, to visit the same monastery of Franconicans and the Church of Our Lady of the same monastery. You can give a tribute to Matisse’s memory, going to the monastery cemetery. You can also stroll through the park among the ruins of the Roman city, to arrange a small picnic, admiring the views of Nice and Marine.

How the house became a museum (a little history)

In the 17th century, a villa is built for the consul nice Jean-Baptist Gubernatis. For its history of existence, the owner changed several times. After the First World War, the famous artist Matisse due to complications after the bronchitis settles in Nice. In 1917, he lives in the hotel "Bo-Rivan", which is on the embankment of this. A year later, he moved to the villa in which he lived until his death.

Bay of Angels, Morning Sea, Color Gamma Marine Element captured the artist. The work flooded his whole life, although he found time and for the hobby – rowing. Of course, the creations of this period are bright, colorful, saturated with life, feelings.

But not everything was cloudless in the paradise city. In Nice, he divorces his wife, experiencing an oncological operation. The disease chained it to a wheelchair. Matisss did not touch politics, however, during World War II, he was knocked out of the casual gauge, the arrest of his daughter who took part in resistance.

Registration of the chapel Rosary in Vansel absorbed all post-war Matissea.

Later, he gives Nice his canvas "Still-life with grenades", drawings, "Creole dancer", two silkographic. Nine years have passed since the death of a painter (1954) before his museum opened in the city.

To date, 68 paintings are being issued in the museum, more than 200 engravings, two hundred drawings, 57 sculptural works. Many more personal things Matisse, books, photos, his unique work. Matisse’s soul, embedded in his creation, invisibly attending, towers together with the museum over Nice. And so it will be forever!

Watch and wonder (what to pay attention to)

Museum exhibits are located in 18 halls. Every room is a separate plot of the artist’s creative life, which presents diverse work on one topic. This makes it possible to blame creative "flour" Matisse, his ideas in the search for the desired color, material, forms. We can advise you to familiarize several of his work.

Collage of paper "Dancing Creolec" (1950) – one of the most extravagant creatures of the painter.

"Blue Nude" (1952) – masterpiece from gouache and pieces of paper.

House-Museum Henri Matisse in Nice

"Portrait of Madame Matisse" – Bathrooms of Van.

On the second floor there is a hall dedicated to the work on the design of Capella rosary in Vansel. Here you can see the stained glass chalks, rises on the sketches of Matisse, drawings for tiles of ceramics. There is also a hall that tells about working on the chapel Rosary.

Blue paper figures ("Blue nu") Pretty extravagant. Among such works, I will highlight a "bathing room in reeds" (1952).

Pay attention to the last creations of the author. In the last days of life, he was hard to draw paints, so he was looking for an alternative for his creative implementation.

Interesting and unusual in this plan looks like a collage of a huge size "Flowers and Fruits".

Sensual and romantic looks series of works of Master Odaliski.

Entering the museum, the heart itself will carry you in the right room, and the legs will stop near the attracted job. Some – admire, others – will be surprised, others will not understand (unfortunately).

It will not be understood that the Matisse Museum will impress people, at least a bit connected with creativity, especially with painting, who is a fan of Matisse creativity. This is the house-biography of the artist, and therefore he talks about his weary in creativity and in life.

Tips for tourists

– If you decide to visit the museum, prepare the appropriate shoes. Grab water, food for a picnic, if you plan to rest in the park.

– Be sure to align at home Matisse on a visit to other attractions of Nice to maximize time.

– Museum personnel Responsive, friendly, so do not hesitate to ask questions you are interested in.

With any of your impression from the Museum of Painter Visit to his house will expand your horizons and comprehending the deep and mysterious world of painting.

House-Museum Henri Matisse in Nice

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