House Museum Haji Dimitra

The Bulgarian city of Svilegrad is famous for several famous objects for tourist visits. One of these places is House Museum Haji Dimitra. This building previously belonged to the legendary Governor of Haji Dimitra. However, built his grandfather’s house, at the end of the 18th century. There is a historic relic in the Quarter of Svilengrad Klutsohor.

House-Museum Haji Dimitra is a small asymmetric structure of one floor with a big attic. Architecture of the house is peculiar to the era of rebirth in Bulgaria. It was here that was born (May 1840 g.) Dimitra Asenov, known as Haji Dimitra, who later gained the glory of the Brave Breast Fighter-liberator of Bulgaria from Ottoman Iega in the 19th century.

The title of Museum House was assigned in 1935. With the opening of the first meeting of museum cases. The most significant exposure was first presented in 1955.

House-Museum Haji Dimitra is in a picturesque yard, surrounded by greens. Residential premises fully restored. Here you can finely see a cozy living room, a family hearth and a wine cellar, typical of Slovengard.

House-Museum Haji Dimitra Sightseeing Svilengrad Tour Profit Guide

The museum complex includes the innovative courtyard of the Father of the Governor with numerous housekeepings, where life is shown to great liberation.

In the attic of the house there is a large exhibition about two grades who died for liberation: Haji Dimitra and Stephan Karaj.

House-Museum Haji Dimitra Sightseeing Svilengrad Tour Profit Guide

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