House Museum "Battle in Ruse"

In 1864, the city of Ruse was built House Museum «Battle in Ruse», which became the museum of the city life. He keeps the exposition in himself, which tells about the life of rich families who lived in Ruse at the time. Also, the museum shows and tells about the famous history of love Turkish Pasha Midhad to a charming, but married lady Calliopa, so it is also called «Museum of Callopa».

Once upon a time the wife of Maurice Kalisch lived in this house – Consul. She was beautiful and possessed unearthly beauty. Therefore, it was called Calliopa. Governor of the city then there was a Turk Midhad Pasha, who was in love with Calliopa. He gave her this house.


Today house-museum «Battle in Ruse» – This is a two-story building located on the banks of the Danube. Among his exhibits you can see the objects of life, works of art, which are unique and show the luxurious life of the highest layers of society. Presented here and furniture from houses of secular people, among which are beautiful servants and dining tables. The first piano brought to Bulgaria is also in this house-museum.

Being in the city of Ruse, be sure to visit the House Museum «Battle in Ruse», To plunge into the life of the rich people of the XIX century.


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