House Museum Balzac (Maison de Balzac) in Paris

In the prestigious 16 districts of Paris, in the former suburb of Passion, around the mansion on the street Reynar remained untouched corner of the XIX century. The center of the protected area is home 47, where 7 years old (1840-1847) lived the famous writer Onor de Balzac – Author of Bestseller "Human comedy".

In 1908, the mansion redeems Louis Baudier Royaumont (Louis Bodier Raiom). He becomes the founder of society of friends Balzak and the first director of the museum created by him. In 1949, the city acquires a museum to property and opens its doors in 1960 for the public. Balzac House Museum unites lovers and researchers of the writer’s writer from around the world.

Mansion in the Passy of the XIX century

In 1840 in the suburbs of Paris Passy takes off the three-storey mansion of Mr. De Bunin. He gets here from the capital in an equestrian crew, admires the neighborhood with the Boulogne Forest, rejoices of quiet rustic life.

The building is hidden by the hilly right shore of the Seine to the visibility of a single-storey filtiel. Guests got inside through the front entrance from the street Reynar, saying the mysterious password. The apartment of the upper floor allowed the owner to watch passersby. When not lasting visitors appear, he disappeared through a secret door in the alley on the mountainside. The new owner of the house loved to relax in the inner garden, but most often he was seen sitting at the table. He often visited three local coffee beabies, buying different grades of grains: Martino coffee, Arabica and Moko. There were rumors that he independently made a mixture of them and was preparing a wonderful drink.

The memory of the mysterious owner of the mansion stores a shop "Torr?FACTION DE PASSY" (Passage Roast), working to this day.

Mysterious owner of the mansion

The owner of the mansion on the street Reynar in Passy was Huntore de Balzac. He borrowed a pseudonym de Bunin from the surname of the housekeeper. The conspiracy was non-random. Attempting the writer to master publishing activities ended in collapse. Property is confiscated for debts, and numerous lenders arranged real injury. House in Passy hid him from pursuing trouble.

Balzak books found fame far beyond France in his life. In the mansion, he completed the editors "Human comedy", From under the pen released many famous novels. Writer is faithful to its invention – the novel about social ingredients. His stories about contemporaries living in cities and provinces, occupying a different social situation, affect all spheres of French life: state, army, family.

The air of the suburbs and the quiet mansion had to work. Balzac worked for 16 hours a day, publishing up to 6 works annually. Labor day started at midnight and ended at 8 am, short breakfast, again work until 5 pm, lunch, sleep. Midnight started a new consonation countdown. The author scrupulously worked on the text, crossing, making the mark on the fields. The text of one page could change 16 times before the perfection reached.

In this difficult period, Balzac continues correspondence with Evelyina Ganskaya, dreaming of consent to marriage.

Description of the museum

One of the best literary museums of Paris is a 10-minute walk from Passion Metro. The house is the only Paris residence of the writer, which preserved the stay of Balzac. The museum complex includes house, garden and adjacent buildings. The exposition of the halls is devoted to the life and work of the writer:

Residential rooms Balzac. After the death of the widow, Balzac lots sold out. Museum staff still managed to reproduce the interior of the five-room apartment of the upper floor. There is no luxury. The room is located a genuine chair next to the desk of Balzak, favorite coffee pot, the kettle with the initials of the owner – the Gift Carro, the cane, inlaid by Turquoise (the work of the Lekuanta).

Hall of the Balzakovsky era. In the hall there are pictures of French masters of the Balzakovsky period and objects belonging to the family and the surround of Balzac.

Hall of Evelina Gallic. The beloved writer is devoted to a separate hall. Evelina was the wife of a rich Polish landowner, their difference in the age was 20 years. Bored in his estate in Ukraine, she was fascinated by the French novels Balzak. In 1832, the writer receives an anonymous letter, next year he met with his author. Balzac passionately fell in love with a beautiful young countess and offered her hand and heart. Evelina could not destroy the family hearth and quit the upbringing of a four-year-old daughter. Her promise to marry a writer after the death of her husband turned into a long-term correspondence of lovers. In 1942, Evelina Ovdodel. This news allows Balzak to settle in the estate beloved in Ukraine. Countess for a long time did not decide to accept his offer. Wedding took place in the spring of 1850 in Berdichev, in the church of St. Varvara. This moment Balzac was waiting for 18 years. The family moves to Paris, but happiness overshadows Balzac’s disease. After 5 months in August 1850, the Great Writer died, leaving his wife numerous debts. Evelina continues to live in Paris, where, after 30 years, she divided one grave plate with Balzac. The descendants of the amazing story of love and passionate correspondence remained.

Hall of the creators of monuments Balzak. In one hall, together the work of the sculptors of Devida de Angers, Roden, Falgeih. According to their monumental creations, contemporaries represent the image of a writer. Several copies and small originals of the sculptures of the greatest artists of France are different styles. One of the boulls busts from this collection is installed in the yard.

Hall of genealogy characters "Human comedy". The unique hall is in the showcases of the face and the silhouettes created by Charles Ward at the description of the heroes of the novels by Balzac. The genealogical table has about 1000 exhibits with reference to a specific work.

Temporary exhibitions and library. On the first floor there are temporary exhibitions. Since 1971, a library has been available for public use. Its fund stores 1,500 documents, manuscripts and first editions, periodic printing with marks Balzac, illustration of books. The library employs mugs for adults and children, seminars, lectures are held, concerts, movies of films, performances.

House Museum Balzac (Maison de Balzac) in Paris

The museum organizes trips to the native places Balzak and the areas of living of the heroes of his books. After a walk, participants perform illustrations for writer’s novels.

Museum staff participate in collaboration with organizations "Balzac Research Group" and "Society of friends Balzac". Their activities are aimed at the popularization of the writer’s books, explaining the meaning of the work to the modern reader "Human comedy".

Together with the University of Chicago, the electronic version of the Balzac Dictionary and the first publication version "Human comedy".

Catalog of the Museum Documents, completed in 2003, is available for schoolchildren, students, lovers, researchers and scientists.

Visiting the museum gives an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the life of the greatest writer of the XIX century, analyzes the similarity of the actions of his heroes with the modern world.

Information for tourists

47, Rue Raynouard 75016 Paris

How to get:
Metro: Passy Station (Passy) or La Muette Station (La Müetht)
RER – high-speed electric train: line C Radio France or Boulainvilliers
Buses: 70, 72, 32, 50.

The museum is working:
Tuesday – Resurrection: from 10:00 to 18:30. On holidays (January 1, May 1, December 25) and on Monday, the museum is closed.

The cost of the visit: the entrance is free, during the exhibitions period: adult ticket – 4 ?; Children under 14 are free of charge, visitors from 14 to 26 years old are purchased ticket for 2 ?.

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