House Museum A. Schwarzenegger

During the trip to Austria, I knew exactly what two places should visit here – the village of Halstatt and the House-Museum A. Schwarzenegger, which is located in the village of Tal, which is under the grace.
Upon arrival in Graz, we take the scheme of the bus and tram traffic lines at the station and we are moving on the outskirts of the city to get to the tal. Buses running there go with a large interval and therefore we decided to go on foot, the benefit of time we had enough, and landscapes around please.

Walking most of the way we still sat on the bus passing by passing by, rightly were not sure if he would take us to the point of destination, or at least nearby. There were only a few Austrian pensioners on the bus, who could not help us, but our happiness was another person who himself rushed to us with a question in a broken native language. He explained where we better come out and demanded a response service – go to his cafe, which is located at the end station of the bus and at the same time he said that is friend a. Schwarzenegger. Without realizing the joke this or truth we moved to a hill on the way to the house of idols of childhood. I felt like a small child on the eve of the new year and now the pointer appeared on the fork

We go after the pointer along the corn field to the house of Arni

And now we have reached the destination, I feel children’s joy and hurry inside

The exposition of the museum consists of domestic things in childhood and youth Arnie, as well as from those things that he personally handed down here. In addition to the exhibits related to the cinema here you can see the elements of his army life, political career and natural bodybuilding.
Army Army Army Army, in which, in addition to a dumbbell boot, you can see dumbbells and photos of his idol – Steve Rivza

House Museum A. Schwarzenegger

Bed Arni and numerous tenderloin and photos with Steve Rivz

Photo of Little Arnie

The next room is fully dedicated to the political career of Arnold. There are numerous awards and thankful letters, a table and chamber of the Governor of California and a gift (apparently d.Medvedev) from our colleagues

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