House legend in Lviv

In Lviv, an unusual institution was opened – "House Legends" (ul.Staroevrayskaya, 48, next to the area of ​​the market). This is the so-called "Knaip". Historically, actually, so called Petry in Poland (borrowed from Germany from him. Kneipe – "beer" and moved to Ukraine), where they saw all sorts of hot drinks and snacks were served to them. Knaip Holding Emotions "! Fest "- Security Center for all Lviv legends: time, paving, lions (animals, in the sense), weather … Food from the fireplace, homemade deliciousness, own tinctures and buttons for happiness. Seven-storey restaurant, where every room is a keeper of a certain Lviv legend.

So, the Lviv time room provides for the placement of Lviv among other planets of the world, photo archive of the town hall watch along with other small people, the whole history of Lviv watches, lists of Lviv watchmakers by year, Astronomical explanation of the essence of Lviv time, the mocks of the sun, stars, the moon, the screw for twisting seconds. There is a room for the content of our (Lviv) time.

The legend room about the Lviv pavement contains the standard of Lviv pavement, under the flask as a sample and an example that it must be just such. Here are collected tools and samples of bridge of various historical "epochs" of Lviv. And the so-called "legendary pavement", t.E. That pavement, on which the Lord famous in Lviv.

The legend about the challenge River Lviv – Shelves is protected in the room in?nor and collector here are presented here

Amazing fish, they can now catch them under the Lviv opera, the device for the spread of the vony in the city, the collector schemes of the right-and left bank, as well as the broadcast of the river itself by the webcam installed directly in the collector.

House legend in Lviv

In the room of Lviv Lviv collected photos of all lions of the city, spare parts of bodies, tails, feed, accessories for treatment. The legend is that all the lions of the city are coming to life and guard the well-being of Lviv.

In the room of Lviv books, that is, in the room where Books about Lviv and Lvivyanov are collected, the book of Lviv Soviet is stored – this is a certain Ministry of Information … will prepare you for the perception of this information Mr. Petropher, the one you won’t go around at the entrance while the button on his camoles Do not bother.

Next, rise up the screw staircase to a small barchik, which overlooks the summer terrace, from which all the roofs of the old (and not very) Lviv are visible. Immediately, on the roof of the house, on one of the pipes, pests. He is very cute and very copper. When you’re on the roof one, then it seems that not one.

House legend in Lviv

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