House Juliet

House Juliet – Perhaps the main attraction of Verona. According to legend, it was in this house a legendary heroine of the work of Shakespeare.

Juliet House in Verona was built in the XIII century. They owned the prosperous family of Dal Capello – It is his representatives and steel prototypes of the Kapulent family.

Facade of the house Juliet in Verona decorates a marble hat – Coat of arms Capello. In 1667, the building was sold to another family – Rizzardi. And in 1907 the house was oversold by the authorities of the city, who decided to arrange a museum in it.

After restructuring, the building has acquired a different view: so, the input arch appeared gothic features, and the second floor windows of the construction were decorated in the form of a tribal. The courtyard of the Juliet’s house is decorated in the style of the movie Kickor – Here a column is installed, a brick wall, a monument to the Juliet itself, and the interiors are decorated in the spirit of the XIV century.

House Juliet Attractions Verona Tour Profit Guide

Turmpocents in the house Juliet especially increased after the popular film Franco Dzefirelli, filmed in 1968.

Interestingly, in Verona believe: if you kiss under the balcony, Juliet, love will never pass. That is why the city is widespread the tradition of holding weddings in this building, despite the fairly high cost of the ceremony – It costs a marvelous approximately 700 euros.

House Juliet Attractions Verona Tour Profit Guide

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