House Hundertwasser

This is an unusual residential building, near which tourists always stop, appeared in Vienna recently – 15 years ago. His author of Freedsraich Hunderwasser (real name Friedrich Stovasser), the most original Austrian architect. He got scandalous fame in the 70s, when he appeared on a television show "How do we equip the city" absolutely naked, but in the checkered cap. Hundertwasser said then that he is ready to equip the Austrian capital – for this it is necessary to return to Mother-nature and take the best of her, refusing direct lines and using only natural materials in construction.

In the architecture of this seven-story 50-apartment house there is almost no direct lines. Uneven floors and staircase marches symbolize forest and mountain trails, and curves, unevenly plastered and painted walls resemble the canvas of the curtain. All space is rounded, even arbitrarily located windows hide sharp corners of the frames under cornices and niches. The facade of the house is painted by large squares from mustard yellow to dark green and pink colors.

House Hundertwasser

In the interior decoration of walls and floors of the house there are natural motives (trees, butterflies, swans, owls and ducks) in the form of appliqu├ęs from fragments of ceramic tiles. Hundertwassser, however, did not limit himself to stylized plants and animals and engaged in landscaping at home. Hello: On all the flat elements of the building (roofs, balconies, terraces) was embanked by the earth and planted trees, shrubs, flowers and just grass. Oddly enough, such an unexpected solution did not spoil the house, but he gave him a special charm. In addition, at the request of the artist, builders houses perpetuated themselves with multi-colored handprints on his walls. Despite the entire fantasy of incarnation, the building fully complies with residential standards, as well as the requirements of fire and other urban services. The house of the Hundertwasser has a small cafe, and in the house opposite – a gallery designed by the Gallery, where you can buy souvenirs on the theme of the works of the Austrian artist and architect.

House Hundertwasser

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