House from the Royal Forest

French windows sprinkle straight on a juicy green meadow, followed by the park. So the green color of the interior smoothly flows into the natural greenery of the estate, and even in the room you do not leave the sweetness of the citizen of relaxation in nature.

My pleasant hotel memories "Chuten Glen" Start with London Heathrow Airport. The mood at the border guard clearly changes when I inform him, in which hotel is going to stop. His serious face is blown away by the soul smile of Cheshire Cat, and in the eyes for a second flashes the spark of romantic dreaminess.

At the airport, the driver is waiting for me – in an elegant suit and with a tie, more similar to the president of a large company. In luxurious "Mercedes" The last model we rush along the highway in the most beautiful country hotel in England (and in many ratings – and the world). Our journey south, to the sea, lasts about two hours. I could not get used to the sensations of the passenger in the car with a right-hand drive, I deeper into the study of the hotel’s advertising prospect, anticipating the luxury that awaits me. So, an old English estate, surrounded by green lawns and a park from centuries-old oaks and pines. The territory of the hotel is 72 hectares, every corner is perfectly well maintained and picturesque. Besides wild birds, sometimes deer look here, about which a little later. The building of the hotel is built at the beginning of the XVIII century. Owners changed, and together with them a house was improved. But now, when his decor, Bridget Skan took up, the hotel bloomed with genuine magnificence. But even recently, about thirty years ago, when Martin Scan acquired "Chuten Glen", The hotel could offer only eight rooms under a holey roof and one on all bathroom. But the SCAN family committed a miracle. Today there are 37 rooms and 22 suites, and the decoration of each unique. Any room has its own name associated with the heroes and events of the book "Children of a new forest", which is here in 1848 wrote a sailor Frederick Marriiatt – then the estate belonged to his brother George. This children’s book is as popular in England as "Alice in Wonderland". However, there is enough history, I will not wait to see my possessions for the next two nights.

With excitement turn the key in the castle and I turn out. First thought – extend the reservation. The idea is next – the second time to arrange a honeymoon. Now I understand why this hotel loves to ride couples – there is one hidden place: a small room, where men love to make an offer to their beloved. Maybe your satellite is time to look here (together with you, of course)? My number (huge, but at the same time very cozy) decorated in the tones of ivory with muffled green. French windows sprinkle straight on a juicy green meadow, followed by the park. So the green color of the interior smoothly flows into the natural greenery of the estate, and even in the room you do not leave the sweetness of the citizen of relaxation in nature. Ancient oak and grooming on the grass black and white Soroki complement the view that opens from my windows draped by exquisite heavy curtains.

Bathroom – a kind of masterpiece of marble and mirror art, and a spacious shower cabin is equipped with a double set of cranes and hoses, which is very nice, not to mention the fact that it is convenient. The wardrobe room amazes the very fact of its existence and the caring presence of an umbrella in an immense closet. Incredible sizes Bed with a lot of all kinds of pillows and delicate loses to sleep, but I have to explore the number and go to the SPA-center of the hotel, where the wonders of healing are promised. However, the elegant sofa opposite the window is insistently calling: "Sit on me, read, look out the window". Homemade English Cookies in a beautiful box in the bed sweetly whispering: "Eat me". Bang CD player&Olufson and stack of compacts pray with an antique secreter: "Listen to us". I have almost no arguments. And then I notice a stove of champagne bottle in a silver ice bucket. "Drink Me" – It requires. Resistance is futile. I pour into a glass of champagne, turn on the CD with the hits of the 60s, I will prevail eat cookies and fall on the bed. Long live anyone! And, indulging in Him, I’m trying to choose facial and body procedures from fifty possible.

In the SPA complex, where experienced staff is working, cosmetic products of Thalgo, Clarins and Guinot are applied . Choosing an aromassage using hot stones, I say goodbye to fatigue and stress, forgetting everything in the world. SPA is proud of its new recreation room, where you can lie, listening to music, drink tea and look at the flickering multicolored lights on the ceiling. In SPA, like in the hotel itself, every little thing is thought out. For example, in perfectly equipped locker rooms there are not only heated towels, but also an instant bath dryer, clean cotton feet rugs, and the whole battery for styling hair is built in front of the mirror. In the steam bath – due to the muted light, overflowing mosaic and natural crystals – you feel like in a gold cave filled with eucalyptus flavors. But even this bliss does not count when you find yourself in the pool, awarded the diploma of the most beautiful pool in Europe. The painted sky above him is always reminded of summer, and with the onset of twilight on his dome, stars are lit. Here you can treat yourself to hydromassage procedures and soak on the heated bed. All elevated and flawlessly.

House from the Royal Forest

However, it’s time for dinner. The hotel’s restaurant is famous for its excellent kitchen awarded Michelin star . Many arrive in "Chuten Glen" exclusively for dinner, which usually begins at the bar of the fireplace, among vintage mirrors, sculptures and paintings. Here you can make an order by continuing to pull the aperitif. The ceiling of the restaurant is skillfully draped with tissues, as if we are already on the seventh heaven, and from its windows you can enjoy the views of the park. But enjoy the works of the chef even more pleasant. Having tasted the local salad from pigeons, cheese souffle, gentle meat and homemade ice cream, I will never say that English food is something inedible. By the way, the restaurant has a dietary and vegetarian menu. For each dish, the caring sommelier-French will offer wine from the hotel’s collection (more than four hundred species, including the legendary Lafite-Rothschild for 1800 pounds). Given the highest quality product, taste of dishes and aesthetic serving, here you can confidently talk about the high kitchen.

After dinner, everyone moves to the living rooms, where they listen to piano music, leafing books or dream by the fireplace. For thirsty night entertainment, we add that the city of Bournemouth is nearby – the center of the night club life, quite successfully competing with London. In the morning right in bed drinking a cup of mint tea and go for breakfast, after which I want to lie down again. But I am in rubber boots (another manifestation of endless concern for a guest) I have a hurry to the sea on a path that loops in a picturesque fleet among flowers, sculptures and ponds. I remember that the English books read all the English books read in his youth, after 15 minutes I’m already lowered my hands in the salty water of La Mansha. In good weather, I am visible is the Isle of White, where you can fuse on the yacht.

What else can you do? Nice to spend the day, walking through the New Forest forest – the ancient hunting grounds of English monarchs. Forest and indeed fabulous beauty, with thick oaks and firs. Here you can collect mushrooms – even has such a holiday "Mushroom hunting", When all guests collect mushrooms, and in the evening the chef is satisfied with the mushroom feast. Can be ented on deer and boars. Or admire wild ponies that are quietly walking around the entire district. These lovely creatures allow themselves to stroke, but not in the spring, when with them newborn foals. In addition to hunting, you can master fishing, horse riding and yachting (very nearby Yacht Capital of the Kingdom – Caus City). Lovers of history and museums we advise the following trips: in the town of pain with his legendary car museum, in the famous Stonehenge or in Exber Gardens, to the Portuguese ship "Victory" in Portsmouth or on the flagship ship Henry VIII "Marie Rose", Sounding in 1545 and raised from the bottom with all artistic values, in the city of Winchester with his cathedral or protected by the state of the XVII century Kingston Lacey.

House from the Royal Forest

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