House for Hummingbird

In old newspapers and books you can find pretty curious advice, for example, to raise children. How to prove to the child that you have to sit at the table right – it is correct and useful for health? Show him a camel – may not work.

A photograph from the newspaper published the our State Library. In the comments, subscribers shared another story. In the Tretyakov Gallery, the boy was impressed by the picture "Ivan Grozny and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581" (the very one, on which Tsarevich lies with his head broken) and decided to ask the parents, for which the son got it. Parents decided to swear and the choir answered: "He is bad porridge. (Do not do it cruel!)

To be closer to art, you can subscribe to the most famous museums and world galleries in social networks. The most interesting accounts we covered here. And if you like to photograph artwork, then read how the flash is affected by the exhibits.

Where are you going!

Your child is constantly sitting in the phone and is not enough of nature? Look at the boy from this video. His partner, and at the same time and soft bed was the dark tiger python. Seems amazing but child safe.

Tiger Python is a tender snake and very useful as a pet. In the countries of Southeast Asia, tiger pythons are breeding in houses to destroy rats and mice. These snakes are well tamed and do not cause difficulties in the content. The main thing is that you need to remember about the tiger pythons: they are heat-loving (in the terrarium there must be a temperature of at least +24 ° C) and need a large pool where you can swim. Perhaps Python with the video tried to go on water procedures, but his partner was against. How people domesticated different animals, "My Planet" told in this material. And here we wrote about the strangest pets, which people are starting in their apartments and houses.

House on peach

Birds can be called the most ambitious architects. It seems they can build a nest anywhere, at any height and from any materials. For hummingbirds, a peach became a perspective platform for construction. Yes, three centimeters are quite enough for the whole bird apartment.

House for Hummingbird

Hummingbirds build their nests from the fluff, feathers and soft pieces of plants, tumping them among themselves. On the construction of the house goes about five days. Bird’s beak laid materials on each other, and the lower part of the abdomen the whole design is rambling. The Hummingbird female raises the eggs about two weeks, without deleting anywhere. By the way, it makes it so that both chicks (usually the hummingbirds are postponed by two eggs) appeared in one day. After hatching chicks, the female continues to surround them, because the kids appear on the light without feathers and can freeze.


How to check your exposure and concentration? Enter into the room of the cats! Only a person with steel will be able to resist them. For example, a Buddhist monk.

By the way, you know that you can make friends with a cat even at the first meeting? For this, as scholars found out, it is only necessary to blink and pushing our eyes. A close view of the cats perceive as a signal of hostility, and slow blinks – as a smile. During the experiments, the cat smiled to people in response: Also blink and pured. If you are proudly created, then, probably, more than once wondered: why cats urchet and why bring you your prey.

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