House Exchange – a new view of the recreation in the Making Epoch

In the last decade, such sites like Airbnb seized the rental rental market for recreation, pissing hotels and apartments. However, recently a new and quite competitive opponent appeared, applying for a part of the lease tour.

The essence of the exchange of houses is to temporarily change housing in the form of a house or apartment for the purpose of rest, change the situation, paying for someone else’s housing, while the partner pays your. Remember the film «The Holiday» («Exchange leave») Cameron Diaz?

HolidaySwap, which is engaged in the services of granting information on the exchange of houses, already in 2020 «Covel» year showed an increase of 282% compared with 2019. And the peak of growth came for the period from May to June (73%). Today, more than 400 thousand users from 184 countries have been registered on the site.

According to the project creators, the pandemic gave impetus to the development of housing exchange services for recreation for several reasons:

  1. There will be no accumulation around the place of rest, as it is usually in hotels or apartments in big cities, because most of the housing offers for the exchange is far from generally accepted tourist sites and attractions, while the local color is saved and calm.
  2. House Exchange - a new view of the recreation in the Making Epoch
  3. This is a real opportunity to save money without paying a double price – For the placement during the rest and for its housing, which is empty during the holidays. At the same time, everyone knows that the price of the hotel or apartments for tourists costs much more expensive than the real cost of housing. In the case of the exchange of houses, both families bear the usual current expenditures plus payment to the intermediary site (1 US dollar per night for each person).

There is no doubt that listed advantages are relevant for all not only during coronavirus times, which have made particularly significant issues of saving money. Such an option will be interesting to everyone who wants to plunge into a real local life and be able to rest more often for the money that was previously spent on one trip.

According to the statistics of the site, vacationers manage to save on each trip, bringing the cost of accommodation to 36% of the total vacation.

In addition, housing exchange partners can tell each other a lot of interesting and useful things – After all, they know everything in their area, including information about the best places for recreation and places with the lowest prices. They can also advise who you can meet and make friends in the nearest environment in order to have a good time and relax in the new company, and perhaps and establish promising and useful links.

Want to save on vacation? Look for a companion for traveling tourweek – thousands of new friends are waiting for you!

House Exchange - a new view of the recreation in the Making Epoch

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