House + Company = Residence permit

This formula is offered by Belgian lawyers to their customers. Many of these specialists have a successful experience with citizens from Eastern European countries to assist them in terms of acquiring real estate and obtain a residence permit – for the so-called adaptation program. Private lawyers are person responsible for issuing documents and therefore work only directly, without any intermediaries.

A personal attorney is attached to each client, which accompanies and legally supports it throughout the program. The client can consult and consult with him about his business at any time and absolutely free. If a lawyer proposed by the company does not like it, you can choose another, of course, before the program starts. Competence and professionalism are guaranteed anyway. In particular, Jan Dirikk (Jan Dierickx) offers their services in Belgium – one of the famous private lawyers belonging to the professional association "Advokaten-Kantoor".

Currently, real estate prices in Belgium are very acceptable: from $ 500 per square meter (unlike nearby France, where 1 meter of living space is on average $ 3.000). Thus, a decent apartment with a total area of ​​approximately 100 "Squares" will cost $ 50.000. At the same time, only $ 10 is initially paid.000 plus shopping costs. During a certain period (selected by the same client), the monthly amount of the bank is paid to the repayment of the loan. Its size will not seem too great when you make sure the rental apartment would have to pay much more. In addition, for example, this fee with interest will cover the profit from the departure of your Moscow apartment.

Real estate in Belgium, bought on credit, immediately drawn up in the name of the buyer, who immediately becomes its official owner. It can live in it, hand over it in the hiring and even sell. Lawyers will issue all the documents necessary for each individual case. Now for the acquisition of real estate there was an unusually favorable situation in the housing market of Belgium: there is a rise in prices with the yet quite low cost of individual houses and apartments. Therefore, the purchase of real estate in this country is a very profitable investment of capital.

Currently, prices for apartments in Belgium are from $ 15.000, at home – from $ 40.000.

Two years ago, they were 30 percent higher, so it’s not worth slowing with the purchase, since the Belgians are increasingly reluctant to part with their real estate in anticipation of the next rush of prices until the previous high level.

House company residence permit

Clients are offered a unique opportunity to receive profitable bank loans for the acquisition of real estate. Belgian lawyers will help arrange them for their responsibility. The loan amount can be up to 80% of the total value of real estate and issued only under 7-8% per annum. In Russia, you can only dream about it. It is not surprising that the Europeans by the 35 years have everything: a house, apartment, car – and impress people, satisfied with life.

If you wish to constantly or temporarily live in the territory of the European Union, then this can be done perfectly legally and in the shortest possible time, provided that you are a good (without criminal past and present) and financially secured our citizen. Belgium, unlike the majority of European states, provides foreigners the official opportunity for permanent stay in the country. In addition to the acquisition of real estate, Belgian lawyers offer a residence permit program for you and members of your family. The program includes: obtaining internal passports, full legal services for 5 years, up to the acquisition of Belgian citizenship, as well as to obtain a work permit, which is issued by the Ministry of Economy of Belgium, and registering its own company.

It should be noted that the purchase of real estate in this country is not a reason for obtaining a residence permit: it just becomes possible in the case of registration of the company.

Lawyers from Belgium readily, and most importantly, with knowledge will help in arrangement in a new place. First – in buying or renting not only housing, but also office, shop, hotels and even factory. Secondly – in such "Melochaah", As we have local staff to work (in case of registration of your business), secretarial services, opening of bank accounts, registration of medical insurance for the whole family, the acquisition of furniture or car, the device of children in Belgian schools (by the way, training is free) and universities, training in language courses and t. D. – In general, the circle of their professional care covers almost everything that can only be needed. Competent legal registration of all your actions is guaranteed by the Belgian side.

House company residence permit

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