Hotels with history: where writers were inspired

This cute colonial-style hotel inspired Stephen King for one of the most popular and terrible novels. In 1974, King and his wife stopped here for one night. Late in the evening they drove through the Estes Park, stumbled upon this hotel and decided to spend the night in it. At the front desk it turned out that they are the only guests — Very soon the hotel closed for the winter. King was very impressed with empty corridors and a huge dining room, where all the chairs were raised on the tables and only their table is ready to take guests.

At night, King dreamed of his three-year-old son, horrified by a long corridor from the fire hose. The writer woke up from this nightmare, sat down at the window and, looking at the mountains, in a few minutes I composed the plot «Shinia». The novel was published in 1977, and he immediately became a bestseller. The 1980 film was filmed in another location, but in the 1997 mini-serial you see exactly «Stanley».

And, of course, the hotel «Overluk» In the book completely inspired by the hotel «Stanley». And the number 217 is not accidentally selected for the number in which one of the most frightening events occurs, — It was in him who stopped King with his wife. In very «Stanley» This room is book more often than others.

Hotels with history where writers inspired

And also say that after the publication «Shinia» In the hotel and strange events have come true: Sometimes they see the fourth floor of ghostly children running along the corridor, and the late Mrs Stanley, the founder of the hotel appears in the musical room, occasionally.

Agatha Christie «Murder in Eastern Express»

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