Hotels of Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates &# 8211; This is an eastern fairy tale, lost among the sands of the desert Rub-El Hali and water Persian Gulf. The richest country of the world, which from the English colony quickly turned into an independent state. Thanks to the deposits of gold and oil, UAE It follows the prosperity and development of the new Arab World Epoch.

Tourism &# 8211; This is the third main component of the state income. A huge number of hotels, every day brings their percentage of state in the treasury. It should be noted that the contingent of tourists is always very different. Depending on the level of holidaymakers, hotels are provided. our middle-class tourists, usually stop in three- or four-star hotels. Of course, the service is worse there than in five-star hotels, but the granted rooms, clean bed, towels and one-time soap in the shower &# 8211; This is an integral part of such housing in Emirates. Of course, in such hotels, you will not give a terry bathrobe or disposable slippers for hotels, but Perfect cleanliness in the room will be respected every day.

Preservation of your things – Absolutely guaranteed! Employees of hotels, clearly comply with the rules for the protection of someone else’s property. While you perform your accommodation responsibilities (Observe order and silence, put on time for the number), management and service personnel will also observe all the points of the contract concluded with your settlement in the hotel. Concerning Five-star hotels, then the level of service there is an order of magnitude higher. Of course, the payment for the room may be more expensive, since you can eat, without leaving the room, it is enough to call and make an order by phone. Each room has always menu of dishes that are prepared in a special kitchen of this hotel.

Hotels of Arab Emirates

In good hotels, even in the country "Tridentnikov", There are always bars or "Disco", where alcoholic beverages are sold, and you can not only drink, as well as dance, and each room has not only a shower, but also a bath. You must be issued a bathrobe and terry slippers with a hotel logo, as well as a towel and a bunch of disposable stuff: soap, shampoo, toothbrush and pasta. Cleaning, like replacement of bed linen, produce every day. From the hotel always drives off bus, which will take you on the excursion Emirates.

Also there is always there Shopping centers, where you can work perfectly and with benefit. If the hotel is on the shore Ocean, then she always has its own way Beach and go out there is impossible. And in conclusion, I would like to note one feature that it does not matter how many stars at the hotel, every room will always be air conditioning, because in the emirations without them can not.

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