Hotels in UAE on the first line

our tourists are accustomed to Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt – used to relaxing in hotels with their own beach and All Inclusive. Is it possible to relax in the UAE? And how much will such a rest cost?

Is there a first line in the UAE?

Of course there are more hundreds of them.

Of course, here is not Turkey and do not Egypt, where hotels are lined up hundreds along the coastal strip. In the UAE, the overwhelming majority of the beaches of public. There are hotels near these beaches within walking distance, there are hotels with private beaches.

Are the first line hotels available for the price?

It depends greatly on a specific emirate. In some emirates in the hotel of the first line, it is quite possible to restore the middle our, and in some emirates prices are shrinking. Next, we will have to consider the situation in each emirate separately. At the same time briefly tell about the pros and cons of each emirate.

UAE card with Emirates and airports, see our article "Map of Arab Emirates".

Important notes

First. In the UAE there are rather high tourist and hotel taxes, we wrote about them in detail in the article "Tourist taxes in the UAE". Therefore, in the course of this article, we will indicate prices without taxes, but in brackets prices taking into account taxes.

Second. The concept of "All Inclusive" in different emirates and hotels in the UAE understand differently. Somewhere alcoholic beverages are included in AI, and it happens that there is no. Somewhere included all food, and somewhere only breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks for an additional fee. Read our article "All Inclusive in Arab Emirates".

Own Beach hotels in different emirates

Look below the consolidated table. Details: The names of these hotels, their location, which of them provide All Inclusive Read below in the article.

Emirate Hotels S
Price per night, USD
Tour price 7 nights,
2 people usd
Umm El Caivine 5 60 1100
Ajman 6 85 900
Fujaira eleven 75 900
Ras Al-Heima ten 75 1150
Sharjah nine 85 900
Sharjah – Choir Fokcan 1 110
Abu Dhabi 15 150 1200
Dubai 31 185 1500

Hotels with Public Beach near various Emirates

Look below the consolidated table. Details: The names of these hotels, their location, which of them provide All Inclusive Read below in the article.

Emirate Hotels S
Price per night, USD
Tour price 7 nights,
2 people usd
Umm El Caivine 0
Ajman 3 80 850
Fujaira 4 75 900
Ras Al-Heima 1 90 850
Sharjah 12 50 800
Sharjah – Choir Fokcan 0
Abu Dhabi nine 75 1150
Dubai eight 150 1400

Emirate Umm-El Caivine

Umm-El Caivine is the smallest Emirate in the UAE in the population. Here is an excess place, the beach bar has a length of 50 kilometers. However, a large tourist center Emirate Umm-El Kaiwine never became.

There are only 7 hotels, not counting the villas and apartments for rent and small guest houses.

5 of 7 have its own private beach: Flamingo Beach Resort 4 *, Pearl Hotel & SPA 4 *, Palma Beach Resort & SPA 4 *, Umm Al Quewain Beach Hotel 4 *, Barracuda Beach Resort 4 *.

Prices are quite acceptable – from 50 (60) dollars per night. Tours (7 nights, 2 people) sell at prices from 1100 dollars.

2 of 7 are far from the shore: Royal Residence Resort 3 *, Royal Residence Hotel 3 *.

1 out of 7 at the time of publication of this article provides the All Inclusive system – this is Flamingo Beach Resort 4 *.

Pluses of Emirates Umm-El Caivine:

– affordable prices for rest in hotels of the first line;

– In the emirate there is your water park Dreamland, which is cheaper than water parks Dubai.

– In addition to the above water park, there are almost no other entertainment in the emirate. Even in the local largest Mall of UAQ shopping center there is only a cinema and a small platform with several slot machines and a children’s soft labyrinth;

– There are no public transport in the emirate, and it will have to move everywhere only on a taxi that is consumed for a wallet;

– get to Dubai to view the main attractions of the UAE, expensive or tedious. Buses between Dubai and Umm El Caivine do not go. Need to go by taxi or catch a backway bus, and without warranty that you will catch. Details in our article "How to get from Umm-El Caivine to Dubai";

– Long and expensive transfer from the airport to the hotel: from Dubai Airport by taxi – 150-180 Dirhams, time – more than an hour. Current course, see our article "What Money in the UAE";

– Infrastructure in the Emirate is well developed, which is a consequence of a small population. Shops, cafes and restaurants few.

If you decide to rest in Umm-El Caivine, we recommend looking at the hotel Barracuda Beach Resort. It is very well located – right next to him is the water park, near the local Aeroslob, where the main local attraction is located – an abandoned aircraft IL-76. The hotel has a large alcohol store Barracuda Wine Shop.

Emirate Ajman

Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the area of ​​the territory. There are only 7 kilometers of coastline, and almost all of it is already or built up, or is busy with public beaches.

About 30 hotels in Ajman, of them 6 with private beach: The Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah 5 *, Ajman Saray 5 *, Ajman Hotel 5 *, Ajman Beach Hotel 3 *, Bahi Ajman Palace 5 *, Fairmont Ajman 5 *.

Recreation Prices "bite" – about 120 (150) dollars per night, only AJMAN Beach Hotel can be called accessible – 70 (85) dollars per night. Tour in Ajman Beach Hotel (7 nights, 2 people) costs from 900 dollars.

Another 3 hotels are on the first line, but the beach across the road and the beach is public, it is: Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman 4 *, Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche 4 *, Oyo 194 Mermaid Beach 2 *. Prices – from 60 (80) dollars, tour – from 850 dollars.

Only two – Ajman Saray and Ramada Beach provide the All Inclusive system.

Pluses of the Emirate Ajman:

– affordable prices for hotels on the first beach line;

– Since the density of the population in Ajman is relatively large, the infrastructure here is well developed – a lot of cafes, restaurants, shops, there is a large at the standards of Ajman CITY Center AJMAN TC;

– A set of local attractions is very modest: Fort Ajman, Fish Market, shipyard boats Dow. All this is enough for one day, then it will be boring;

– Go to Dubai to see the best sights of the UAE, on a taxi is expensive, by bus E400 long. Once for vacation you can go, but it will be tedious several times. Details in our article "How to get from Ajman to Dubai";

If you want to relax in Ajman, but the budget presses, then look at the hotel Oyo 194 Mermaid Beach. Here you can stay for 50 (60) dollars per night. That’s just a tour here at the time of publication this article can not be purchased, with our tour operators they do not work.

Emirate Fujaira

Fujaier is primarily famous for being on the Indian Ocean, and not on the shores of the Persian Gulf, like the other six Emirates. The Fujaira region is divided into the North and South (approximately in half) a small area of ​​Fokkan, which belongs to Sharjah.

Fujaire 11 hotels with private beach, 5 of them are concentrated in the north – in Dibba, this is: Radisson Blu Resort Fujairah 5 *, Royal Beach Hotel & Resort 4 *, Holiday Beach Resort 4 *, Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort 5 *, Mirage Bab Al Bahr 4 *.

5 more hotels with private beach are south: Intercontinental Fujairah Resort 5 *, Fujairah Rotana Resort & SPA 5 *, Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort 5 *, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort 4 *, Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort 5 *.

Rest prices start from 55 (75) dollars per night. Tour (7 nights, 2 people) costs from 900 dollars.

There are 4 hotels in the southern part of the public beach, this is: V Hotel Fujairah 4 *, Fortune Royal Hotel 4 *, Fujairah Hotel & Resort, Siji Hotel Apartments. One Own Beach – Blue Diamond Alsalam Resort 5 *.

Prices are similar – from 55 (75) Dirhams per night, tours from 900 dollars.

Pros of Emirate Fujairah:

– affordable prices for hotels on the first beach line;

– The climate on the Indian Ocean is a little more pleasant, in detail in our article "Weather in the UAE";

– almost no attractions and entertainment in Fujayir;

– Drive from the airport to the hotel for a very long time – more than 1.5 hours. Alone on a taxi is very expensive – about 240 dirhams.

– Go to Dubai on a taxi is very expensive, on the bus for a long time and tedious. Middle tourist usually drives no more than once for vacation. Details in our article "How to get from Fujaira to Dubai";

– Most hotels are far from settlements, even in the store or pharmacy you need to go by taxi, and this is quite a week.

At the time of publication of this article, 7 hotels provide the All Inclusive: V Hotel Fujairah, Fujairah Rotana Resort & SPA, Radisson Blu Resort Fujairah, InterContinental Fujairah Resort, Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach, Mirage Bab Al Bahr, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort.

Keep in mind that of the hotels of the southern Fujairah to get to Dubai relatively simple. But from the northern part it is already very difficult, as you will have to get to the capital of the Emirate in the south. In the northern part there is almost no infrastructure. Northern Fujairah is the place exclusively for those who need only the beach.

Emirate Ras Al-Heima

Ras Al-Khaima is in the north of the country. Most of the hotels with their own beach are concentrated in the southwestern part of the Emirate – in the districts of Al Hamra Village and Bab Al Bahr. Basically, it is expensive "tops", and prices here can even scare.

In the emirate of Ras Al-Khaima 10 hotels with private beach, this is: DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & SPA 5 *, SmartLine Bin Majid Beach Resort 4 *, Rixos Bab Al Bahr 5 *, Al Hamra Residence and Village 5 *, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah 5 *, Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort 5 *, The Cove Rotana Resort 5 *, The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah 5 *, Bin Majid Beach Hotel 4 *, Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & SPA 5 *.

For the Middle our tourist, it is possible to consider only the Bin Majid Beach Hotel, the price per night – 60 (75) dollars. Prices in the rest begin from 100 (120) dollars, the price of the tour (7 nights, 2 people) begins from 1150 dollars.

In the Bab Al Bahr area is Marjan Island Resort & SPA 5 *, he does not have his own beach, but the public beach is 100 meters away, and it is completely empty. Take care of this hotel, the price per night – from 75 (90) dollars, the tour can be bought from 850 dollars.

Pluses of Emirates Ras Al-Heima:

– expensive "pyats" at a price lower than in Dubai, and the quality is not worse;

– the climate is slightly softer, as the mountains are nearby;

– Drive from the airport to the hotel for a very long time – more than 1.5 hours. Alone on a taxi is very expensive – about 230 dirhams.

– Entertainment and attractions in Emirates Ras Al-Heima almost no. I used to have my own water park Iceland, but in 2018 he closed at the beginning for the reconstruction, then forever. Will be boring;

– In addition, hotels are not near the city, but far in southwest. You need to go to the city by taxi – 40-50 dirhams in one direction;

– go to Dubai very far and long. By taxi – from 200 dirhams, by bus for a very long time. Details in our article "How to get from Ras Al-Khaim to Dubai".

Emirate Sharjah

In Shah, many hotels are more than a hundred, but they are all in the depths of the city, away from the beaches.

Outdoor hotels here are only 9, this is: Coral Beach Resort Sharjah 4 *, Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & SPA 5 *, Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah 5 *, Golden Beach 3 *, Sahara Beach Resort & SPA 5 *, Lou’Lou’a Beach Resort 3 *, Beach Hotel Sharjah 3 *, Occidental Sharjah Grand 4 *, Sharjah Carlton Hotel 4 *.

Among them there are no very expensive and chic. Prices – from 70 (85) dollars per night, tour (7 nights, 2 people) – from 900 dollars.

Vacationers in the rest of the hotels will have to go to public beaches. Fortunately, they are in Sharjah a lot, the beaches are wonderful. Read our detailed review "The best beaches of Sharjah".

There are three dozen hotels, motels, apart-hotels, villas and apartments, which are within walking distance (no more than 200 meters) from public beaches. List of hotels in Dana Beach Hotel 1 *, Green House Resort 3 *, Al Amwaj Hotel 2 *, Villa Alisa 2 *, Sharjah Premiere Hotel & Resort 4 *, Red Castle Hotel 4 *, Marhaba Resort 3 *, Ewan Hotel Sharjah 4 *, Al Seef Hotel 3 *, Summer Land Motel, Lavender Hotel Sharjah 4 *, Time Ruby Hotel Apartments 3 *.

Here prices are below – from 40 (50) dollars per night, tours – from 800 dollars.

Some hotels provide the All Inclusive system, but only without alcohol, as the sale of alcoholic is prohibited in the Sharjah Emirate.

Sharjah Emirates Pluses:

– Its international airport, from where it is quickly and cheap, you can get to the hotel. Prices and travel time Read in our article "How to get from Sharjah to town";

– Lower prices in stores, cafes, restaurants, if compared with Dubai and Abu Dhabi;

– Great set of local entertainment and attractions: Aquarium Sharjah, Fountains Sharjah, Museum of Islamic Civilization and other museums, Al-Nur Mosque, a few large shopping center including Mega Mall and City Center Sharjah;

– You can get to Dubai quickly and cheap, good is the neighboring with Shard Emirate. Details in our article "How to get from Sharjah to Dubai";

– Sharjah is a big city, there are many shops, cafes, restaurants.

– The sale of alcohol is prohibited in the Sharge Emirate, but the use is no longer punishable (from November 8, 2020);

– in Sharjah more strictly belong to the dress code. In detail, we talked about it in the article "What should not be done in the UAE to tourists".

Emirate Sharjah – Choir Fokcan

Choir Fokcan is a small area of ​​the Emirate of Sharjah, but it is on the shore of the Indian Ocean, 120 kilometers east.

Here the hotel is generally only one – it is Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & SPA 4 *, with your own beach. Price of residence – 85 (110) dollars per night, tours (7 nights, 2 people) – from 750 dollars.

Pros of the region Choir Fokcan:

– affordable prices for rest.

– far from Dubai, airports;

– directly opposite the beach there is a cargo port, so water quality is questionable. Although tourists do not complain.

On the beach, the Choir of Fokkan is even carrying on excursions according to the program "Trip to the Indian Ocean". This beach is considered one of the centers of water sports in the UAE.

Hotels in UAE on the first line

Emirate Abu Dhabi

In the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Beach hotels are only in Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) and on the island of Sir Bani Yas.

On the island of Sir Bani Sai Only one Hotel Desert Islands Resort & SPA 5 *, he has its own beach. Room price – from 200 (240) Dolov, Tour (7 nights, 2 people) – from $ 2,500.

In the city of Abu Dhabi hotels more than a hundred, and this is not counting apartments, villas, mini-hotels, motels. Of these, 15 with their own beach.

In the central part of the city: Emirates Palace 5 *, Shaik Hizza Palace 5 *, Fairmont Marina Abu Dhabi 5 *, Al Gurm Resort 5 *, Intercontinental ABU Dhabi 5 *, Jumeirah At Etihad Towers 5 *, Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Residences Emirates Pearl 5 *, Bab Al Qasr Hotel 5 *, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana 5 *, Sheraton ABU Dhabi Hotel & Resort 5 *.

On the island of Saadyat: The St. REGIS SAADIYAT Island Resort 5 *, Rixos Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi 5 *, Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas 5 *, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas 5 *, Jumeirah At Saadiyat Island Resort 5 *.

All this is expensive "pyers", prices less than 120 (150) dollars per night do not even wait. The price of the tour (7 nights, 2 people) – from 1200 dollars.

There are several hotels that are near the public beach or even have their own pieces on public beaches.

In the central part of the city, along the Kornish Embankment: Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort Corniche 5 *, The St. REGIS ABU DHABI 5 *.

On the island of Yas Hotel hotels do not have their beaches, but are located near the private beach Yas Beach, which guests have free entry. Hotels: Centro Yas Island 3 *, Yas Island Rotana 4 *, Park Inn by Radisson ABU Dhabi 3 *, Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island 4 *, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi – Yas Island 4 *, Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi – Yas Island 4 *, Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi 5 *.

Prices start from 60 (75) dollars per night, tour (7 nights, 2 people) – from 1150 dollars.

There are two more hotels whose situation is ambiguous. This is Le Meridien Abu Dhabi 5 * and Beach Rotana 5 *. They have their own beaches, but these are the beaches not on the shore of the Persian Gulf, but on the shore of the local canal, which is more like the river than the sea. If this satisfies, then see these hotels may be the price will arrange.

Vacationers in the rest of the hotels remains only to ride the public beaches Abu Dhabi, the benefit of their many. Read our article "The best beaches Abu Dhabi".

Pros of Emirate Abu Dhabi:

– Great set of local entertainment and attractions: Sheikh Zaid Mosque, Heritage Village, Lookout 300, Ferrari World Parks, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros, and much more;

– In Abu Dhabi, its international airport is located in the east of the city. Details in our article "How to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to the city";

– Go to Dubai easy, the easiest way to buses. Details in our article "How to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai".

– a very weak range of hotels on the first line, only expensive top fives, and there are no budget options;

– everything is expensive, after all, the capital of the country.

Emirate Dubai

Dubai is the biggest city of the UAE in terms of population. Here are more than 600 hotels, and still guest houses, motels, apartments and villas. Therefore, we will talk about every area of ​​Dubai city separately, moving from east to west. Dubai card with beaches, see our article "The best beaches of Dubai".

In Diwa district just one beach al-Mamzar, and nor on him, nor along it there are no hotels at all. All hotels are in the depths of the district, far from the shore.

In the area of ​​Bour-Dubai There are no beaches at all.

In the area of ​​Jumeira There is the longest beach in Dubai – this is Jumeira Beach. Public part of 14 kilometers long – from the Jumeira Mosque to Burj Al-Arab. On this huge beach there is only one hotel with a private beach – this is Four Seasons Resort Dubai At Jumeirah Beach 5 *. Price – 500 (600) dollars per night. Tour (7 nights, 2 people) – from 2000 dollars.

Two more hotels along Jumeira Beach have a beach in step accessibility – this is Dubai Marine Beach Resort & SPA 5 * and Mandarin Oriental Jumeira 5 *. Price – from 180 (230) dollars per night, tour – from 1500 dollars.

Next to the West are the two most famous Hotel Dubai – this is a hotel-sail Burge Al-Arab and Hotel Wave Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Both have their own private beach, and they have a common. Recreation price in Jumeirah Beach Hotel – from $ 350 per night, tour – from $ 3000. Recreation price in Burj Al-Arab – from $ 1000 per night, tour – from 8000 dollars.

Next to the West there is an elite resort of Madinat. Here are 4 hotels: Jumeirah Mina A’salam 5 *, Jumeirah Al Qasr 5 *, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf 5 *, Jumeirah Al Naseem 5 *. These hotels have their own huge private beach, but one at all. Prices – from 500 (600) dollars per night, tour – from $ 2,500.

Next west are private villas and apartments, there are no hotels.

On the island of The Palm 15 hotels with private beaches: Atlantis The Palm 5 *, Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah 5 *, Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai 5 *, W Dubai The Palm 5 *, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray 5 *, One&ONLY THE PALM 5 *, Sofitel Dubai The Palm 5 *, The Retreat Palm Dubai Mgallery 4 *, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah 5 *, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort 5 *, Royal Central Hotel The Palm 5 *, Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites 5 *, Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel 5 *, Fairmont The Palm 5 *.

All this is expensive "five pyats", prices – from 200 (250) dollars per night, tour – from $ 1500. Although often these hotels arrange shares, reduce prices. Looking, it may be "delicious" price for accommodation or tours.

Next to the West are 3 more 4 hotels with private beaches: One&ONLY Royal Mirage 5 *, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina 5 *, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina 5 *. Prices – from 200 (250 dollars) per night, tour – from $ 1,500.

In the Dubai Marina The famous JBB beach is the most famous and most well-known Dubai Beach. Western half of this beach is fully public, there are no hotels with private beaches.

In the eastern part there are zones that are conditional to hotels: Habtoor Grand Resort Autograph Collection 5 *, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & SPA 5 *, The Ritz-Carlton Dubai 5 *, Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach 5 *, Rixos Premium Dubai JBB 5 *, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah 5 *. All this is expensive "pyats", prices – from 150 (185) dollars per night, tour – from $ 1500.

In the western part there are several hotels that do not have a private beach, but are located right next to the JBR Public Beach. Hotels: Hilton Dubai The Walk 4 *, Sofitel Dubai Jumeiirah Beach 5 *, Amwaj Rotana 5 *, Ja Ocean View Hotel 5 *, Sheraton Jumeiirah Beach Resort 5 *, DoubleTree by Hilton Jumeirah Beach 4 *. Prices are slightly lower – from 120 (150) dollars per night, tour – from 1,400 dollars.

Pluses of the Emirate Dubai:

– A huge number of local entertainment and attractions: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Wild Wadi Water Parks and Aquaventure, Legoland Park, Dubai Fountains and a lot more;

– Move around the city is very convenient, there is a metropolitan. Read about it in our article "Dubai Metro";

– Its international airport is located in the east of the city. Details in our article "How to get from Dubai to the city";

– Infrastructure developed perfectly, in the city there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, fast and Street Fudov, shopping centers.

– Everything is very expensive.


If there is enough money, choose Dubai or Abu Dhabi. List of hotels in the first line in Dubai and Abu Dhabi See above in this article.

If you want to relax in the UAE at the hotel with her own beach cheap, Then the best choice – Sharjah. Here and hotels are affordable and attractions many, and beaches are excellent. However, remember that alcohol is prohibited in Sharjah. List of hotels on the first line in Sharje see above in this article.

If you want to relax at the hotel on the first line of cheap, but with alcohol, Then the best choice is Ajman or Fujairah. Alcohol here are the most loyal, and the prices are acceptable. List of hotels on the first line in Ajman and Fujaire See above in this article.

And consider seasonality. It may be so that in the winter (peak of the season) can not afford to rest on the first line, but in the summer or in Ramadan it is quite real. Read our article "Prices for holidays in the UAE".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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Thank you for the article! Read with interest and learned a lot. I want to clarify a little – Hotel Ramad Beach and Windham have their own beach and system "All inclusive" at the request of guests. Ajman is a great place to relax. A construction in the Emirates is a normal phenomenon.

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